Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I just thought I was busy.....

Hello, all!!! I hope you are all having a great start to the new year. I cannot believe we are quickly approaching mid-January.... (yes, I know it's not here yet, but it is right around the corner!). These past few days, there have been some major adjustments in the Stanley household--Weiss began "full-time" to FBC preschool. He is going 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Although I love his teachers, the administration, and the school itself for its values, I feel so HORRIBLE having to leave him there that long every day! Don't get me wrong--I'm not knocking all of those working moms out there. It's just that he's been so healthy and used to hanging out with me all of the time. He had been going 3 mornings a week for socialization and to give me some "alone" time and to do my school work; however, this is MUCH longer. The reason he is doing this is for my internship; I begin two Mondays from now. I am leaving EARLY EARLY this coming Sunday morning for Lynchburg, Virginia to the Liberty University campus to get in my last requirement class for my internship. It will be my LAST class other than the working part of my practicum and internship! WOW!!!

I hate to leave Logan and Weiss, but I know I will be busy and the week will fly. I also made two friends from the last 2 classes, and we are all staying together. I am looking forward to that! I am going to visit Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sunday evening and Wednesday at campus church (which has like 10,000 people attending on Wed.), and I'm going to eat LOTS of Chick-Fil-A! (Okay, not too much!) I have loved Liberty and am sort of sad the book work is coming to an end. My master's courses were like a giant BIble study; Liberty grew me so much spiritually because of the great books we read that were related to Christian counseling. (Granted, we had to learn theories and techniques, too.)

Anyway, I will return home on Friday evening late and then begin working at the Highland Lakes Crisis Center the following Monday. This will be my location until I complete 800 hours!!!! AHHH!!!!! However, with the clientele, things should stay busy and I know I will learn so much and my eyes will be opened to the needs of those precious people. God orchestrated that perfectly! Logan will be moving in the new dental office hopefully at the end of January, so it will be busy for him and his dad, as well. It will be chaotic around here for a time, with everyone adjusting to new schedules! I personally don't know how I am going to cook the dinners we are used to having after work being pregnant and all! I normally start dinner early because we rarely do "quick prep" meals. I can see why working moms want to grab something quick or eat out because they are exhausted when they get home, and they have to pick up their little ones after work from day care/preschool! I am thankful this will only be a season for us, but I hope we can continue to eat healthy.... I need to get another grilling lesson from Logan and/or my dad because I think that would be the simplest option.... veggies and meat on the grill, or something in the Crock Pot.

I get off work on Tuesdays because I am still teaching the preteen homeschool class of my Community Bible Study. I am sad because Weiss would always go and he had GREAT teachers in his toddler class.... I love my students; they are so mature and kind--wise beyond their years. We are still studying Revelation in the children's department and adult department. We have been going since September and are now midway through Revelation. It has been a wonderful study so far. On Tuesday afternoons, I will probably go back to work to squeeze in 3 or 4 more hours at the crisis center. I don't know just yet what I will do about the schedules of my piano students (I have five); they are normally scattered late afternoon throughout the week, but they are all so great about wanting to work with my schedule.

All I know is the next few months will be jam-packed and probably a bit stressful because of the nature of my work. I am looking forward to the adventures ahead, and know this year will fly by! I just want to finish my internship in time to relax a bit before "the new kid on the block" arrives in early August. Mom is on her way as I type to help me organize the house before I begin working.... I like things clean, but I am such a clutter bug and live with one, as well. (He may not be quite as bad....) This may be my only time to get my ducks in a row! Mom is going to watch Weiss this weekend so Logan and I can clean out the garage. (Yes, it is REALLY needed....hahaha!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, New Year's, and More.....

Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe it is 2010. It seems as though only yesterday it was 2000--how time truly flies!!! Our Christmas was a laid-back one this year, but it was definitely exciting for the grandparents. When we do Christmas around here, both sets of our parents get together to celebrate because our families are so small. We announced to them we are expecting in August, and boy--they were excited!!! (I'm glad we finally told them because I had kept the secret from them since December 1st--and I felt really yucky on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.... I think it was all of the food smells at once... Those are really getting to me right now!) Anyway, that was an exciting surprise for them! Weiss really had a great time; this year, he was REALLY into Christmas, saying "Merry Christmas," and opening packages. In fact, he kept opening packages when I would walk out of the room! (Good thing I only put out packages on Christmas Eve, or he would have opened everything!!!!) And by the way, Weiss is STILL saying "Merry Christmas....." We tell him Christmas is over, but he tells us "NO! Christmas is NOT over!!"

As for New Year's Eve, I had friends from San Antonio come to visit for lunch--Lucretia, Kayla, and Alexis Kebreau. I was certainly glad to see them; we ate some Cajun food and had some fun catching up on old times. Last night, we went out to Leslie and Jason Coleman's house and had a great time with their 3 kids, the Duvalls, the Burns, and the other Coleman family. We ate a feast of king crab legs, Chef Leslie's (yes, she really is a chef!) oven-baked chicken, and sides we had all brought. We then went outside and popped fireworks with the kiddos and the kids lit sparklers. The kids all played and Weiss LOVES their Step 2 extreme coaster! He loves that thing whenever we go over there... I've included a picture.... We're going to have to get him one for the spring/summer.... Anyway, the adults played Rockband on Wii and sang some country songs.... Super fun. We rang in the New Year early and then were out by 9 PM for the kiddos. I was in bed and asleep by 11 PM. Because it was New Year's, we let Weiss snuggle in bed with us last night. Today, I think we are going to take it easy; I want to see Avatar in Austin on an IMAX screen in 3D, so I think we are going to do that today or tomorrow evening..... I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and had a blessed Christmas.