Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend of Fun....

Hello, Everyone! I blog to you today from the Stanley lakehouse... (Thanks, Dickey and Cinda!) We had some great friends from Logan's years in dental school over: Brett Shirley, Anna Windham, and Mark and Brooke Sumbera. We had a great time catching up and enjoying the lake.

I took Weiss to Mom and Dad's on Thursday for them to keep him over the weekend. I stayed overnight and left Friday morning. All of our friends arrived Friday evening. The Sumberas arrived from beautiful Victoria, where they both grew up. Mark practices dentistry with his dad (who ironically went to dental school with Logan's father!), while Brooke is a second grade teacher (and looks like Rachael Ray).... (Sorry, Brooke--I just had to throw that in!)

Brett and Anna were also in Logan's class. Anna and Brett brought their two dogs, Sassy and Dot. (We had Zoey out here, too!) Anna practices in Center (far East Texas) with her father. Her brother is also in dental school right now... Anna always has great recipes wherever she goes, so I got some great stuff from her this weekend! Brett Shirley is from San Antonio, and the crazy thing is HIS father was also in Dickey's class!!! (So it was Dickey Stanley, Malcolm Sumbera, and Jack Shirley all in one class... Brett, Logan, and Mark all were in the same class, as well! Anna was also in their class, but Anna's dad went to dental school in Houston--the rebel. haha) Brett is currently in an oral surgery program at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, which means he will graduate in 2014!!! For this program, he will receive his MD, as well, so he enjoyed a weekend at the lake, away from hospital rotations.... (Bless your heart, Brett!) So Brett and Anna are in it for the long haul!!!

Friday night we stayed up super late--just visiting. On Saturday, the guys smoked some meat (wonderful pork and chicken) and we spent lots of time on the boat with everyone tubing! We all put on sunscreen, but some of us got burned.... OUCH!!! The water was PERFECT and we had a great time looking at all of the great homes on Lake LBJ.... We came back in later in the afternoon and sat on the giant floatie out in the water....(It holds 8 to 10 adults!!!) We also took the kayak out and put Dot and Zoey in it.... Us girls went inside to visit and cook the side dishes while the guys went out to surf behind the boat. We had a wonderful dinner!!!

This morning, we got back out and tried surfing some more. Everyone did great, and we had a few good laughs!!! Logan and I are relaxing right now, waiting on his parents to bring Weiss home. (My parents met Dickey and Cinda at Bronte, who were coming back from Big Spring this weekend. Weiss hitched a ride home!) We're going to enjoy the last few hours of daylight on the boat, so I'll chat again later!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Article is Very Relevant... (WARNING: Rant)

As a former student of political science, political intern, and law school dropout, I do find myself interested in politics. I'm not as obsessive as I once was because I have OTHER things (Logan, Weiss, et cetera) to fill my time. However, I do credit my knowledge to Dr. Paul Fabrizio and Dr. Tina Bertrand... (The benefit of a small university is that I took EIGHT classes with Fabrizio and SIX with Bertrand... I really got to know them well!) They were really great professors and made learning something possibly so mundane, well, and interesting!

(Anyway, enough with my reminiscing!!!) (WARNING: The following contains my strong opinions!)

This article is very relevant with today's presidential situation. We all know the current domestic situation: taxation issues, the presidential push for universal health coverage-- and I may discuss the healthcare issue in a later post. (I've been really tempted to already, but haven't had time to condense my thoughts!) The international scene is shaky: relations with other countries (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela) are unsteady, Honduras is having a major political upheaval, and the economy is causing a strain for everyone. The President has ALOT on his plate to deal with, domestically and internationally.

Although I've never been a big Obama fan because we have differences in our opinions, I still pray for him, his family, and his leadership of our country. The article shows President Obama's approval rating to be dropping rapidly; frankly, this is disturbing because if his approval goes down with the general American public, then the approval of our country in the eyes of other nations is certainly influenced in a negative manner.

Although Obama has the incredible benefit of working with a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate, the unity is fading even within the Democratic party because of so many different views regarding this vast, enormous piece of legislation to reform health care. My comment on this article is that Obama's polling numbers are only beginning to drop, but this debate is likely to become much, much, MUCH more heated--not just across party lines, but within Obama's own Democratic party. What I am saying is that his approval rating is likely to drop much further. (As I stated earlier, when his approval ratings drop, we ALL lose--Democrat, Independent, or Republican).

However, I do want to praise our president on the encouraging speech he gave during the latest NAACP convention.... (NOTE: It is a bit long, but is very inspiring....)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Snow Ski, Mama!!!"

A Little Weiss Antic:

Early yesterday morning, Logan was out kayaking with Matt Homeyer, and so I had the opportunity to sleep in. I had my alarm set for 7:45 ("sleeping in" for a mom), and at 7:20, lo and behold, Mr. Weiss Hyatt Stanley comes toddling in my room. Apparently he had been up a bit because he was naked from the waist down but had his Superman pajama top and cape on (hahaha!!!). I walked through the living room to his room to see where his pants were... and he said:

"Snow ski, mama!"

He pointed over to his Fisher-Price school bus. I didn't see anything, so I groggily replied, "uh-huh." (At this point, my eyes weren't hardly in focus yet!)

We go in his room, secure him some underwear and clean clothes. I looked by his kiddie potty, and he had removed his overnight Pull-Up and the Superman shorts to try to use the potty. What a good boy!

I walked back in the living room.

"Snow ski, mama!"

I looked closer..... Weiss had poured baby powder all over and inside his oversized school bus..... (Thus, the reason for "snow....") He had several little characters, including Elmo, Grover, Lightning McQueen, and Tow Mater, "skiing" in the "snow."

Very funny. However, I had to get out the vacuum and clean it up.

The Week's Recap....

Hello, All! We are still here, surviving in the ridiculous heat......

I am ready for some rain.... Weiss and I have spent some time almost each day in the water, whether it is our sprinklers, Weiss's "frog" pool, the Meadowlakes pool, the lake, or at the pools of generous friends....

And the days we haven't been in the pool, we've been in "pools" of our own sweat.... (Gross, I know... but true....)

I have a crazy story from the heat: Wednesday evening, I got in from choir at 7:15ish and took Zoey on a 3.2 mile run. She was really pulling hard against the leash after the first mile or so.... She was POOPED when she got in the house, and immediately went to sleep. She sort of limped home. However, she has run many times before, so I did not know why she was limping because I was running slow, as well....On Thursday morning, she was still limping.... She kept licking her front paws... I looked at her paws, and she had BLISTERS from the asphalt... I guess it was sooo hot... My poor baby....

Weiss finished up his swim lessons this week. He did really well; I am looking at putting him in private lessons or the ISR option, but I'm going to let more friends know about it first to see if we can get an instructor out here in no man's land...

We stayed cool on Friday night by going on a kayak ride as a family up Lake Marble Falls.... Ahhh---the breeze felt soooo good off the water... We had a great time, as usual! Weiss LOVES to kayak, and I really, really am enjoying it, too!

Currently, Weiss is pooped... We went to two separate birthday parties this weekend (Sophia Burns and Zach Spillman)... I am exhausted, as well!

Weiss has been doing very well with potty training. (It's just that I have to remember to take him every 30 minutes or so......) However, it is so funny now--I will tell him to go potty, and he will usually go... YEAH!!!! He is sleeping through the night without going in his overnight diaper, so that is a good thing.

This post is a bit short and sloppy, but I am ready to retire for the evening. I have two great, great books I am reading (a mother/daughter memoir---I'll talk more about it in a future post---and "Revelation Unveiled" by Tim La Haye), so I want to go dive in!!!! :0)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Funny.......

Katie K, I just HAD to post this...... way too funny..... I had never heard of the "Hawaii Chair" before, but it is a riot!!! I actually found the website selling it here...... Anyway, check this out and get a few laughs.... (You'll probably laugh as many calories off as the Hawaii chair could burn.....)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Just Full of Posts Today....

Goodness!!! This is what a lazy Sunday afternoon will do to you!!!! (Hey--at least I am getting caught up on blogging....)

And have you noticed the new background and font?

THAT took about thirty minutes for me to decide and get on my blogsite....

And I figured out how to do hyperlinks today. (I used two in my last post.

(Sorry, I just couldn't help myself......)

I'm trying to be better about posting pictures and images; hopefully, I will upgrade to video soon! I took down the RealPlayer for a bit.... (I'm sure you would be proud, Dad....)

Anyway, this week I found some 1980s goodness that used to fill my little ears for Mr. Weiss. Yes---that's right: Psalty.
(Did anyone else listen to the big blue songbook's music?) Does anyone remember the song, "If I Were A Butterfly?" That was my favorite on the first CD..... Psalty KidsPraise! albums were great, and they have a knack at helping little people remember Bible verses and other great life-building principles.... (However, I do realize Psalty sometimes gets a bad rap for his goofy costume.... As a matter of fact, I remember going in a closet growing up in my home church, and seeing an old Psalty costume that was used sometime in the early 80s, complete with foam pages for the hymnbook and a hole the actor's head popped out of.....)

I thought I was getting SUCH at deal at, but his music is MUCH cheaper at his own website: So I just wanted you moms to know...... I anticipate getting the music in so I can reminisce while Weiss enjoys his new music!!!!

A Great Website.....

Okay---I just had to post this.....

My Memaw (my maternal grandmother) had a great talent of sewing. It wasn't just some little pastime; it was her living and profession. I grew up with her sewing many precious dresses for me on until very recently (the last thing she completely made for me was a beautiful, classic "Jackie O" type dress I wore to a formal wedding shower we had. I had purchased the fabric at a amazing custom fabric shop in Taos, NM.) Now that she's gone, no one in our family sews. and although I have never really sewed before, I am interested now. I want to learn how to make a simple shift dress (I need to go look for the pattern---it is very simple, and could be used for ladies, teens, or babies.... The pattern would look great with leggings, over jeans, or alone. (Go to to see what shift I am talking about.... By the way, check out Poppy Dip's blog, too---it is for a great cause (she's a Jesus-lovin' woman making dresses to pay for her childrens' adoption fees, and her dresses are super cute and a great price, for all of my friends with little girls!)

ANYWAY.... I just need to get my sewing machine set up and go for it, cold turkey. I want to order some funky fabric, and found this AWESOME retro fabric website from the UK..... I just emailed them to see what the international shipping will be here to Texas, and then I am going to place my order..... Take a look..... Here's the link: I want to make some pillows and attempt some other things eventually.

Here's some fabric I'm planning on ordering:

WOW.... A Jam-Packed Day....

I am still recovering from yesterday (Saturday). It was such a fun day with Logan and Mr. Weiss. I got up, ran 6 miles (getting back on track for November's marathon) and then biked 4 with Weiss. After a quick shower, I made biscuits and eggs and Weiss played with his Thomas the Train stuff. I got a new book in the mail, so I was reading!!!! Logan watched Weiss while I showered and made coffee. Then we were off to the driving range! Logan got Weiss a club and he "chipped" onto the green for about 15 minutes. Then Weiss and I got in the Meadowlakes pool. He looked so cute in his floaties and swim ring! Logan joined us after he finished hitting his bucket of golf balls. We swam from 11:30 to 1:30 and then had lunch from the club afterwards at the pool. Weiss LOVED his foot-long corn dog! (We have some cute videos from Logan's phone--however, I don't know how to post them!)
We then all went home for a nap, followed by Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We all played a bit (Weiss was WIRED) and debated going to watch a movie. However, that was vetoed.... I went to Ginger and Spice to get Thai food for us all---Logan--red shrimp curry, Weiss--pad woon sen, me--pad woon sen. Afterwards, we took our kayak and went to get the Burns' kayak to take Weiss on his first kayak ride!!! He did great!!!! Logan and Weiss were in the Burns' kayak and I took ours. We were out about an hour..... SOOOOO much fun!!! I really got a good, full body workout yesterday! (Running, biking, swimming, golfing a bit, kayaking!) Logan put Weiss down while I showered and then we watched "Valkyrie," which was really good (we are both WWII buffs, so it was great....). Although we were very active, yesterday was a super-fun day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today's Mad Hunt.....

Hello, all!!! I have been a bit better about posting lately..... YEAH!!!!

Today was day 4 of swimming lessons; I am starting to talk to people about ISR lessons, and hope to possibly get a group here that is interested so the instructor will come to US. However, if that doesn't work out, I'll just take Weiss in to Lakeway, which is still around an hour drive... It will have to be in the fall, because the summer lessons are booked.... However, if you are from Marble Falls and you are interested in ISR lessons, let me know and spread the word! Weiss's swim instructor says it is great and it would be a great idea for him; she would love to become certified herself, but I checked the certification cost, and it is a $15,000 initial certification fee for instructor training.... WOW.

Anyway, Dickey and Cinda had gotten Weiss a Fisher-Price Kid Tough Portable DVD player last Christmas, and he LOVES it.... He would rather watch his DVDs on a 3.5 inch screen because HE can press play, HE can turn up the volume, et cetera. And it really is a great thing, because now that he is older, if he wants to watch Veggie Tales, Sesame Street/Elmo, Baby Einstein or Barney (his top four), Logan and I do not have to be captive victims. I have it plugged in (it also works off batteries) under this little buffet table with a low shelf so he can sit on the carpet and watch. (Our main TV is on the other wall, behind Weiss's back).

The DVD player has been, for the most part, "kid tough," as advertised. He has ripped off the legs it stands on, but they pop back on, and I think I have seen it fly down the grandparents' stairs as Fisher-Price has advertised. He has touched the laser inside, and we've had to clean it off, but it has definitely been the "little DVD player that could." We have never had any problems, until I attempted to clean the screen.

I used some Mrs. Meyer's basil spray to clean the screen one day, and I guess Weiss saw me. (He also saw me spray my fragile orchids with a bottle of water, and later hosed them down with Mrs. Meyer's..... Monkey see, monkey do.) Later that day, I came around the corner, and Weiss was hosing down his DVD player. I let the player dry, and he began playing with it the next day. However, the buttons have a "sticky" feel, and the latch that closes the player seems to act funny now... Weiss will put DVDs in the machine, and most of the time now, they will not play because the machine's cue tells us the DVD door is not closed (which it IS, but the Mrs. Meyer's residue is confusing it, I guess....)

After Weiss tried today to load Veggie Tales' "Gideon and the Tuba Warrior," I finally gave up. It wouldn't load. I called Fisher-Price, which has always been great when I have dealt with them in the past. (I had to get a new motor for his Baby Papasan swing when he was an infant, and they were quick, friendly, and helped me out, no questions asked.)

My dealings with the company were great and they are sending me a check to replace the DVD player for its cost during December 2008.... Which means.....

THEY ARE NOT MAKING THE DVD PLAYER ANYMORE..... UH-OH. Tell THAT to a two-year old who considers it one of his favorite toys.....

So, today was spent going to the local Walmart Supercenter and looking for the Fisher-Price player in "blue." No blue players, but about SEVEN pink ones.

I went online, called Mom and Dad to look in Abilene (possibly better luck there, but there were NO players in either color when they looked at several stores/locations). I noticed even my favorite "store,", did not have great prices on the blue ones--the pink ones were usually much cheaper. However, the pink one is MAJORLY pink; my kiddo cannot do the pink one.... It's fuchsia and baby pink....ALL OVER.... His old one was more gender neutral.

Anyway, I looked at about 15 different online retailers (including many common stores online); no luck. Most were sold out of both, and were not getting any more in. However, I decided to check eBay. I got outbid at the last minute on one (was winning bidder, but did not put last bid in quick enough for my FINAL bid....ARGHHHH....frustrating....)

The same seller had a "buy it now" on a brand new, boxed BLUE player. By the time I would have payed tax on the pink one at Walmart, it would be just slightly less (a few bucks) than what I payed for this one. The check Fisher-Price is mailing me will be seven dollars more than what I got the eBay player for, so, hey---we came out on top.

Isn't it crazy how parents will do ANYTHING to make their children happy?!?!?! (I'm just thankful I found another one, because when I told Weiss his player was broken and he needed a new one, there were tears.....)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is Hard to Watch, But SOOOO Important....

After checking Facebook this evening, I saw a friend had posted some precious summer pictures of her family. I flipped through them, and saw her son taking ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) Lessons. These are not just any swim lessons, folks.... These teach swimming survival skills to children from age 6 months to 6 years. I have another friend in the Dallas area whose little girl took ISR classes, as well. She was taught how to swim/float to the edge of the pool, fully clothed (in a jogging suit), with shoes on, just as she would probably find herself had she fallen in the water accidentally.

Even though Weiss is enrolled in swimming lessons now, they only last here in Marble Falls for one more week. I am going to check into some ISR classes for Weiss. I think it would be extremely beneficial to do. Watch the video and take note of the statistics....It's hard to watch, but it is amazing what the young kiddo can do that would save his life....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Key Lime Pies and Raspberry Tarts.....

Hello, everyone! The past two days have been busier than normal; Weiss has started swimming lessons for the next two weeks, and he actually has done well without me in the pool! Today he started out on the wrong foot; he did not want to leave the house this morning for lessons (they are at 8:30, so he's not always in a happy mood at that time), but he eventually enjoyed them and at the end of the lesson, didn't want to leave the pool. Afterwards, Kaili came over to keep him while Carol Rhodes, our CBS Bible Study Director, picked me and another group of CBS facilitator ladies up to attend our monthly brunch at Carol Dold's home outside of Burnet. It was a long drive into the country to a place called Wolf Creek Ranch, but the view was well worth the drive! Her home was deep into the ranch, which is now home locations with EXCELLENT views and acreage. Carol had windows all around her home, and even though it is not presently hummingbird season, she had SO many of them (probably 15 or so at one time).... I have never seen so many at feeders in my life.... I could watch them all day....

Carol said she had estimated at peak season, there were over 50 hummingbirds at one time! Amazing. She has to refill her feeders daily (and she has 3 in the back, 2 or 3 in the front), and I could literally see the nectar "bubbling up" because the hummingbirds were drinking so much, so fast. Carol also had many butterflies because she had planted certain things which attract them. Anyway, can't you see I was very impressed????

I brought a raspberry tart from Whole Foods. If you haven't tried one, they are WONDERFUL.... They are in the frozen section, and look and taste homemade. However, last night, we had some extra key limes, and I made a key lime pie, which I do often, but I normally top it with fresh whipped cream (Logan doesn't allow Cool-Whip in this house, folks....Only the real McCoy.......) Anyway, I LOVE MIRENGUE---so I thought I would make it with mirengue.

I'll post my super simple recipe......


1 HEB graham cracker crust
1/2 cup fresh key lime juice (approximately 12 key limes or so)
2 teaspoons of fresh key lime zest
4 large or extra large egg yolks (save the egg whites)
1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk

Preheat the oven to 350. Beat the 4 egg yolks until they are thick and a light yellow. (Don't overbeat.) Turn the mixer off and add the Eagle Brand. Turn the mixer to low and add half of the key lime juice. Continue mixing until mixed together and add the zest and the rest of the juice. Mix together and pour into graham cracker crust. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, or until filling is firm.

For mirengue:
Beat the 4 egg whites in a metal or glass bowl. Add 1/3 teaspoon or so of cream of tartar to give structure (If you have to use the same beaters, make sure they are completely dry or the moisture will keep the mirengue from rising properly.) When the egg whites form soft, foamy peaks, slowly mix in 3/4 to a cup of sugar, depending upon how sweet you want your mirengue. Spread the mirengue on the hot key lime pie filling so that the mirengue's bottom can slightly cook and keep it from shrinking during baking. Bake 325 to 350, watching the top of the mirengue until it is a nice golden brown.

Store the pie in the refrigerator and DEVOUR it!!!!

Look What I Found!!!

I found this sweet little gem on Cinda's iPhone. Look how much Weiss has grown!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Must-Read Book!

Okay: since my class ended this past week, I have loaded up on books that I want to read. I’m not even finished with this one I’m about to tell you about, but it is a MUST READ. The book’s called “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick—and What We Can Do About It.,” by Robyn O’Brien. DISCLAIMER: The following commentary contains some pretty heavy opinions, which may be unpalatable to some……

This book is a hands down, MUST READ. Robyn addresses many concerns related to our nation’s food supply, which are mostly “swept” under the rug. She poses questions we, as consumers, parents, and informed individuals, should ask. Knowing what I know about the government from studying it four years and attending law school for one, I know there is a HUGE lobbying interest for mega-corporations and basically, whoever has the money. So what about our food supply?

Why is it our nation has the best healthcare system in the world (our people live longer), but our people are more unhealthy (obesity, auto-immune diseases, allergies, cancer)? I have always wondered this myself after having many in my family (and Logan’s) affected by cancer. (I’m sure many of you can relate.)

I know allergies have always been an issue, but why do so many, many more children have allergies? I’m not just talking about mild allergies, which are also on the rise. I am referring to severe, life-threatening allergies. (Think of children with peanut allergies….)

WHAT is possibly triggering this? Robyn explores the lucrative connections between the FDA, EPA, and mega-corporations, many which dominate our food supply. After reading this book, it is very frustrating how the big corporations, namely Monsanto, are using their power to bully the little men: North American farmers.

She poses some interesting questions for which we should all seek the answer: Why is it that Europe, Russia, Australia, some African nations and Japan have all banned genetically-modified ingredients within their foods? (The United Kingdom allows GM foods, but they must be clearly labeled.) Why is it US food with GM ingredients do not have to be even labeled? Isn’t it our right to know what we feed ourselves and our children? After all, in the US, genetically modified food does not even have to be TESTED before it is put on the market. Robyn explores WHY this is happening and WHAT we should do about it.

The UK, Europe, Russia, and Australia have passed laws so there are no artificially synthesized colors in their foods lining their grocery shelves. Even American corporations with businesses within these nations, like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and McDonalds, abide by these rulings. WHY is it that here in the US artificial colors are no problem?

Now here’s some commentary of my own: We have so many health related issues that doctors have NO CONCLUSIVE evidence exactly WHY they have occurred, like ADD, ADHD, autism, many types of allergies, Crohn’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and some cancers. (These are just the few I can think of off of the top of my head…) Many doctors say many of these are “auto-immune” related disorders, but there is NO CONCLUSIVE evidence what exactly causes them. Why have these diseases seemed to affect more people in recent years? Robyn speaks of this in her book and poses some important questions we should ask.

The foods she discusses are not “processed” foods—these are foods we think are healthy (milk, fresh produce, grains-based foods). PLEASE read this book.

Oh---another great, FREE resource that Robyn suggests is the documentary “The Future of Food.” (It’s an hour and a half long, so make sure you have a bit of time, or watch it in sections, as I am doing.) I found it FREE on……… Go to and look under the “movies” tab and you will find “The Future of Food….” (It is only one of the topics Robyn covers in her book, but it is worth seeing…..)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Recap......

I sure hope everyone had a great 4th holiday filled with fun, food, family, and FREEDOM!!! We had a great time with Logan's parents, my parents, and Logan's godparents (Brian and Debbie Davenport) at Lake LBJ. We spent Friday and Saturday in and out of the water, but not in the boat (because it was RIDICULOUSLY crowded this year). Lake Travis was down, the heat/humidity were CRAZY, and EVERYONE wanted to be out on the boat. So we'll just wait it out until a weekday or next weekend.... we can have a nice section of lake practically to ourselves so the guys can barefoot. We had a great time floating on this HUGE float that can hold around 10 people.... They had it tethered between the dock and the boatlift. Some of us got on it, and the wake was so crazy from the lake traffic we would slide off at times!!! It was great fun, nonetheless. Weiss enjoyed jumping off the dock to B-Paw (my dad) and Logan. We got some great video of that.

Something new this year was a great neighborhood block party. The neighbors down at the lake have always been pretty close, and they decided to combine festivities this year. Everyone cooked their own meat, but we combined the other things. It was a SMORGASBORD!!! There was even a salsa contest and washer contest--which I am proud to say, my hubby and father-in-law won! One of the families had several members in a family band, and they provided the music, which was really fun! Weiss enjoyed popping small fireworks this year; as a matter of fact, we had to go back to the stand two days in a row to stock back up! I had just as much fun as he did lighting and popping them!

The Homeyers came out last night to sit on the deck with all of us and watch the Kingsland, Horseshoe Bay, and neighbors' fireworks shows. Dickey and Cinda have the perfect spot on the lake to have a great view of the show without having to get out in the boat. However, that's the best part for me: watching the boats go up the lake to the fork in the Colorado and Llano. The boats all watch the fireworks parked together, and some boats are so close in the water you can walk boat to boat! It's fun when they all leave because the wake gets SO HUGE and the water white caps. Little boats really have a hard time. The water sloshes up over the seawalls, which are about 3 feet, and could knock you down if you were standing at the edge. However, we were looking down on all of this from the deck, which is on the second floor. A great ending to a fun weekend!

ANYWAY.... Today, Mom and Dad left, and Logan, Weiss and I took a Sunday afternoon nap! Mom and Dad also brought down my September birthday present early so I could use it: a new bike with a child's seat! (I'll do the trailer when we have more than one kiddo, but for now, I though the seat would let me maneuver more easily.) I was super excited! I really wanted one to change up my marathon training and for cardio, so we took it for a spin tonight and rode about 4 miles! Logan even got out his bike and aired up the tires. My old bike from middle school will be going to the library thrift store. My booty is a bit sore getting used to the seat, but I'll soon get used to it.... I really felt the burn with a heavy toddler behind me! It's so nice to do more miles and move more quickly in the heat so there's a nice breeze drying my sweat! Weiss kept saying, "This is fun!" He had a precious sea turtle helmet on, which he is quickly outgrowing!

Speaking of "outgrowing" things, this weekend, Dad and Logan took down the baby bed rail to Weiss's bed and put up the toddler rail! It was a bittersweet moment for me to see him one step closer to being a "big boy...." However, it will mean easier sleep for me, because he can come knock on the door to our room (which he already does when I am doing homework) and get out of bed on his own. I won't have to worry about listening for his voice saying, "Mommy! Daddy! I want out of bed, please!"

Tomorrow, Weiss begins two weeks of swimming lessons. I hope he does well; they have moved him up to the older kids' class (3 and 4) because he already has taken lessons in San Antonio and jumps to us from the side of the pool/deck. I sure hope they let me stay in the water with him, or else he may not like it.... I'll keep everyone posted.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7 Random Things About Me.....

Okay, Aimee! I am finally getting around to doing this.... I have been wanting to, but I have been sooooo lazy on blogging lately..... Here are seven random facts, in no particular order... (You all probably know some of them already....)

1. I REALLY love working in the yard. I find it extremely therapeutic.... Stress relief, calorie burn...all of that! (And it's great exercise, to boot!) This is something that is new for me and has happened over the past few years. I love learning about plants and taking care of them; they are like my babies! I've also gotten brave and we now have several citrus trees; they will live their lives in large pots because of the climate here.... We have a lime, Meyer lemon, lemondrop (a mandarin orange/lemon hybrid), a grapefruit, and manadrin orange trees! And we do get fruit from them! (They smell divine when they are blooming.....) I have really enjoyed this year because I can really work and get dirty while Weiss plays outside. He's also at that wonderful age where I can slip in a quick shower after I am all sweaty from working!

2. I want Weiss to have the most memorable childhood possible. (Of course, you have to learn boundaries and discipline at the same time.....) I know most parents feel this way, and I'm not alone in feeling this, however. We try to take a "field trip" at least once a week to do something out of the ordinary, and I try to do little things around the house to make him feel special. (I try to do a craft project or two each week so he'll learn and have fun....) We also take a weekly library trip, which he really enjoys. I am a cleaning fanatic, but it looks like I run a home daycare because of all of the "kid things" in our living area!!!! I love entertaining him, because I can be a kid again, too!

3. I love Chick-Fil-A. And Target. And Nordstrom. (Usually when I go to the "big city," I hit up all three.... hahaha) And for Weiss, my new favorite is Baby GAP.

4. I love my hubby. Even though we can drive each other crazy at times, he is my balance. The salt to my pepper. The yin to my yang. I love watching him be a daddy---it really pulls him out of his "shell...." (For example, he would NEVER want to eat at a kid's buffet line, go to a theme park, or surround himself with a bevy of children normally, but for Weiss, he'd do anything! I love that!) I am thankful that although we have slight differences, we see the BIG issues the same: spiritual issues, issues related to how we raise our kiddo, et cetera.

5. Building on #4, Logan and I live a bit differently than most. We cook most of our meals, and try to eat as hormone-, pesticide-, and artificial additive-free as we can. (Granted, when you eat out, that is another issue in itself. However, everything in moderation! We have to socialize..) This has been a gradual transition for me, but I am really into it now. It is a bit more expensive and time-consuming, but it tastes better and is healthier. I am thankful for a husband who has made me wacky, too!

6. I LOVE to read. I'm not just talking about just a book here and there. I'm talking a RIDICULOUS amount. I don't really like fiction (unless I've had several recommendations beforehand), but I tend to read nonfiction, historical, spiritual, and health-related books. I wish I could be a professional book reviewer and actually make MONEY off of my all-consuming hobby.....

7. If I could do anything, I would love to adopt internationally. Yes, I know the shpiel about adopting domestically, and that's wonderful and all, but with international orphans, one's life literally hangs on the brink. Adoption may be the very thing separating that child from life or death. I pray everyday that one day we will adopt one of our children internationally. After all, we are all orphans in Christ, and He has so graciously loved us and become our Father (James 1:27).