Friday, January 30, 2009

A Great Book....

As most of you know, I am always reading. And because Weiss absolutely LOVES Sesame Street, I got the new book, "Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street." It had received good reviews, and I agree: I cannot put it down!!! Being a former teacher, during my training, most of the educational material would praise Sesame Street and what it has done for children's television programming. It was originally conceived for urban minorities (hence, the more urbanized setting and the colorful cast). I love it because Weiss is learning from the characters, he is being exposed to people who are different from him, different languages, and even children with disabilities. AND Sesame Street is not unbearable for adults to watch; I get a kick out of the humor adults can catch, the celebrity guests who modify their music to teach a concept to the kids (a few seasons ago, Norah Jones was on and sang "Don't Know Y"), and the continually bantering duo of Bert and Ernie.
So I knew I would just HAVE to get my children to watch Sesame Street! And now, Weiss is obsessed with Elmo and his new favorite, "Yellow Bird" (aka Big Bird). (He cycles through favorites---one week it will be Cookie Monster, another week it is Bert, etc. His mainstay, however, is Elmo.) I do know he is learning from the shows (we don't really watch TV, only DVD) because he can count to ten, recognize all of the numbers from 1 to 10 and knows some letters at this point. He has most of his colors nailed, and we are working on shapes. I give much of this credit to Sesame Street shows AND products. He has some Sesame Street place mats with numbers and colors, and he looks at these several times each day. I really enjoy seeing him learn at this age.
I have always been a Jim Henson fan; as a young child, I loved the Muppets (Miss Piggy especially) and "Fraggle Rock." Unfortunately, the television stations in West Texas did not offer PBS, so I never really saw Sesame Street unless it was in a book or on VHS. (We finally got PBS when we got "Primestar" satellite---do any of you products of the 1980s remember this??? However, by that time, I was too old to enjoy learning from Sesame Street.) If you are a Sesame Street fan or want to know more about the "hows" and "whys" during its making, read this great book.

This Week's Recap.....

We've had a relatively laid-back week. With Weiss and I coming off of the stomach bug, Daddy got some yucky flu-like stuff when he got home from Dallas. He missed work on Monday because he had a high fever and was achey all over. I put a child-proof lock on our bedroom door during the day and Logan camped out there in the bedroom. I know he could still hear the shrill squeals of a happy toddler during the day, but he was a good sport about it. He is finally feeling better, but the junk sure did hang on for awhile...
It was so cold this week Weiss and I didn't really get out much, only to go to the grocery store, library, and a little trip we took yesterday to the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels. Weiss absolutely loves it there, and he had a great time. He saw two newly hatched baby chicks, and he played for over two hours. We got to New Braunfels and ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A. He had chicken noodle soup and a fruit cup; he doesn't really like their awesome French fries or any of the breaded chicken. But he LOVES the soup!!!! We then went to the children's museum. He had a great time. Last night when we got home, Logan and Dickey had gone into Austin for a conference, and I had Cinda over to eat French onion soup I had made. 
This evening Weiss is spending the night with Dickey and Cinda so Logan and I can have a date night!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Adventure...

This weekend has been not so fun for me.... As of yesterday, Weiss is over his stomach bug. He only threw up on Friday, but still had some leftover tummy trouble until about 1 PM yesterday. Although I stayed in my PJs (because I was scared to expose anyone to the virus, including the babysitter--I had to cancel my movie night with Kelley), I felt great and got some cleaning done, some laundry, and some other things. Hannah knew I couldn't leave the house (because of Weiss's continued tummy troubles and Logan being gone), so she brought me my new favorite drink from Starbucks. Thanks so much!!! Weiss didn't take a nap because I didn't want to sit down with him and cause him to get upset. He was feeling so much better, and I was worried if he would cry, he would possibly get sick again. So by about 6 PM, he was falling asleep in my arms. I gave him a quick bath and put him down to bed at 7. He was a bit fussy, but by this time, my stomach was, too.
Well, that was perfect timing, because at 7:15, I began to get sick..... YUCK..... Thank goodness Kelley and I didn't go to the movie; that would have been AWFUL....I was sick on and off until about 11:30, but my stomach churned all night, and I couldn't sleep. I got on Facebook at 4 AM this morning because I was bored in bed. I slept from 6 AM to 8, though. I hated to miss church because the choir was singing several songs today and there was a brunch, so I wish I could have been there.... Anyway, Weiss basically watched movies all morning and had Goldfish (I was still worried about him eating "solid" food) while Mommy was a zombie. Sweet Royann Williams brought Weiss and I some food after church; thanks so much, Royann--it made my day! Weiss loved his Schlotzsky's pizza! 
This afternoon, Weiss and I took a LONG nap!!! (We slept from 1 to 5 PM---YESSSS!) Now, I am starting to feel better.... This afternoon I had to miss the Mom to Mom spring semester kickoff, which I was really looking forward to! However, I would not want to expose anyone to this fun stuff we've had! Logan is currently on his way in from Dallas, and he doesn't want the gunga, either......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adventures in Motherhood (Day 2)......

Well, today started like any other day. I didn't go to MOPS in San Antonio because, quite frankly, I didn't want to make the long drive there and back with a two year old. (I have a guilt complex of him "tethered down" in his carseat, even if he is watching a movie...) I also started teaching piano lessons again, so I was anticipating my student this morning. However, her mom called and said she and her sisters had a fever and sore throats. So Weiss and I decided to get some work done around the house. We read some books, played in his room, and stacked some blocks for awhile. I needed to run to Home Depot right before lunch to get some new light globes for the half bathroom I am painting, so we made a quick run there and stopped by Arby's and got roast beef sandwiches to take home. 
After we ate lunch, Weiss and I did our typical afternoon nap. However, I noticed he slept much later than usual--three hours instead of the normal one or two. I got up to do a few things and then sat back down in the recliner with Weiss. All of a sudden, without warning, he began getting sick. (WARNING (again): If you are squeamish, you may not want to read this!!!) I caught most of it with the blanket, and it was a lot!! It got on the floor, on the leather chair, all over Weiss, and all over the blanket. I immediately took him to the bathroom for a bath. By this time, he was saying, "Hands, hands!" (He doesn't like his hands dirty.) We ran two sets of bathwater--one to clean off the gunk, and the other for him to play in. However, he threw up in the bathwater, as well. So I took out all of the toys and put some "fresh" ones in the bath. The yucky ones were going to soak in a bleach water bath before their next use....
Weiss seemed to be feeling okay, so I called Logan (who is in Dallas for a dental convention), Cinda, and my mom to tell them the news. All the while, Weiss was happily playing in the bathtub with me watching. 
After I got Weiss out, I felt brave enough to venture to Walmart for some Pedialyte, snacks, and a movie. I usually don't let Weiss watch a movie in the car when we are in town, but I let him watch Veggie Tales. He seemed happy, even though I put a big towel in his lap in the car and in the basket in the store. We got home with no incidents! He wanted some Ritz crackers, so he had a "dinner" consisting of crackers and Gatorade (it was already in his cup before I had the Pedialyte). Weiss played, I read to him, brushed his teeth, and he went down easily. I checked on him a few times throughout the night, and he was doing well. I finished painting the half bath, and it looks great. I really like the color.
Anyway, this morning, Weiss got up, greating me in his bed, jumping up and down, going "Boing, boing!" He had Elmo juice, Goldfish, and some more Ritz crackers. However, he still must have a touch of virus because his diapers are not "solid," if you know what I mean. So Kelley, I'm sorry to call off our movie night! I was really looking forward to seeing a movie and hanging out! We'll take a raincheck! (Kelley Homeyer and I were going to have a girl's night out, and Kaili Dellinger was going to babysit for me....) I have been frantically cleaning the "germy" house---doing laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, you name it! So it has been a good day to play catch-up! 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Adventures in Motherhood.....

Weiss throwing food to a big bison.....
Weiss and the zebras....
The exotic deer kept nibbling him at the petting zoo, but he thought it was funny...
Sophia and Weiss----how cute!!!

Yesterday (Thursday) Weiss and I had a lot of fun..... I woke up and ran with Lexy for the first time since the marathon; I feel pretty much fully recovered now!!!
Later in the morning, Weiss and I went to the Exotic Animal Zoo with Hannah, Sophia and Gabriella, right outside of Johnson City off Highway 281. We've always passed by it, but I'm glad we actually went, because it was really fun, and we all plan to go back and stay in the cabins there. Anyway, we all arrived at about 11:15 AM and had a sack lunch with the kiddos. In the play/eating area, you can walk around and see lemurs, a big male turkey and a female, and a large pen of African pygmy goats with plenty of cute babies. Sophia and Weiss really enjoyed walking around and checking out the animals. After we ate, you can go in a large pen--the "Petting Zoo." There were plenty of exotic deer (which were tame), llamas, and goats. There was the cutest baby llama that was only one week old.... Weiss really liked it, and he enjoyed petting the animals. He laughed when they would come up to him and nibble on his clothes, which smelled like food! After this, we loaded up in a modified trailer behind a Kubota tractor to go see the BIG animals!
Right after we crossed the cattle guard, there were HUGE buffalo. We had a large bucket of feed, and so we had plenty of treats to give them.... Their tongues were very long, slimy and raspy, kind of like a giraffe's (for those of you who have been to the Abilene Zoo and fed the giraffes). There was also a camel named "Goober" which followed alongside the trailer and stuck his long neck inside to get another person's feed bucket. He knew all the tricks of the trade.... There were plenty of exotic cows and llamas, emus and gazelle. We also had the opportunity to see an ostrich egg, which had been laid out in the pasture. The guide said it was the first one of this year. I enjoyed seeing the ostriches---they were SO BIG!!! Typical of the animal world, the male was the "beautiful" one--his name was Elvis. The two mature females were Priscilla and Lisa Marie. There were some juvenile ostriches running around, but they were smaller. There were also African goats and a type of Indian cow, which was cinnamon in color and hairy, with small horns. We also saw zebras, which immediately ran up to the trailer for food. The guide explained they are very social and LOVE food and a good back scratch. Hannah, the girls, Weiss and I had a good time!!!!
Weiss and I made it home in time to see Daddy off to Dallas. He had a dental convention and continuing education this weekend, so he'll be gone until Sunday. After Logan left, I decided to re-pot some small plants in the kitchen while Weiss was laying in the floor watching Sesame Street. I had just changed his diaper, and I could see him laying there, quietly. In a few minutes, however, he ran up to me, saying, "Hands, hands!" 
(WARNING: If you are squeamish, do not read on....) He was wearing a onesie, and stuck his hands in his diaper, which he had just pooped in. He had poo all over his hands, and had touched his feet, as well. I immediately stuck him in the bath. It was really gross. Aaaahhhh, the joys of being a mom..... I cleaned him up, and we went to Home Depot to get some more rose bushes and flowers.
Since Weiss didn't have a nap, he fell asleep on the way home. I let him sleep with the car running while I ran in to heat some brie to take to dinner at the Homeyer's. We were celebrating a late "birthday" dinner for Matt Homeyer. Logan was disappointed he didn't get to make it... Kelly made HOMEMADE chicken-fried steak, and George and Karen Gurganus and kiddos Anna and Clayton were there to play with Weiss. We had a great time.... Logan and I  always love spending time with these two families, who where some of the first people we met here in Marble Falls! Anyway, Weiss and I left so he could get in bed. I stayed up late, painting the first coat of paint in our half bath. (I have been recently inspired to begin painting....) 
All in all, it was a very fun day! As a mom, I have learned you take the good with the "bad." I would much rather have poop on the hands than a cranky, unhappy kiddo. (For some of you, this may sound absurd, but a mom knows....)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Weekend in Houston!!!

           I'm about to cross the finish line.....YIPPEE!!!!
Logan's view of the finish line......
Running the first half of the race (I didn't know Logan saw me....)
The DQ Cowboy pumpjack at Luling, TX. (There were pumpjacks EVERYWHERE!!!)

We had a fun weekend in Houston! Friday night, Logan's parents and my parents came in and we all had dinner together here at our house. And sure enough, Dad had to turn around and leave early Saturday because of work. Mom stayed with Weiss all weekend and left today (Monday), so that was a big help because I am sore after the marathon, but nothing Tylenol won't help! Anyway, Logan and I left for Houston Saturday about 10:30 AM for Houston and stopped in Lockhart for lunch at Smitty's Market (it had been recently recognized in Texas Monthly BBQ edition). And it was REALLY good! We had brisket, he had sausage, and I had ribs, which I had been really craving. YUMMO! We then stopped at Luling for softserve (me) and an Oreo Blizzard (Logan). He will randomly pull off the road when he sees a DQ because Logan always says "Texas stop sign!" Anyway, we finally made it to Houston and to the Marathon Expo, where I picked up my number and shirt. They also got my pre-race weight, which there's more on that later!
We then went to Urban Outfitters in Rice Village, got some Jamba Juice, and looked around a bit. I wanted Ethopian food, so we looked the closest restaurant up with a program on Logan's phone. We drove to the location, and of course, it was in a ghetto part of town, next to a Dollar-King store ("Everything $1.09 or less!"). Needless to say, we'll just go to the place in Austin....We went back to the Galleria and ate at Kenny and Ziggy's, a New York style Deli. And it WAS really authentic; it had a Yiddish menu where we had to do a Wikipedia search on our phones before we placed our order! I had chicken soup with a matzo ball and a kreplach. He had a corned beef sandwich, and it was HUGE! Very good place, by the way! There are only two locations: the one at the Galleria and downtown Houston. Anyway, afterwards, we went to Barnes and Noble, looked around, and bought some books! Great date night! We then went to our hotel room and I went to bed pretty early (10:30 is early for me!). 
We woke at 5 AM and got ready to go downtown for the marathon. Logan dropped me off, where I made my way into the convention center before the marathon and dropped off my gear. The race started at 7 AM, but my heat was at 7:10. (It was a MUCH better way to start than San Antonio's marathon, where we had to stand in place for more than an HOUR behind the starting line!!!) Anyway, I LOVED the route and all of the beautiful neighborhoods through Rice Village and the Tanglewood area. I drank at nearly every water stop because I was thirsty and it was unnaturally warm for a January marathon! I had to stop at the Port-O-John at mile 10ish and mile 21, so I was "well hydrated!" I saw Lexy and her family at mile 18, and Logan at mile 20! I told him I felt good, and I was, at the time. It's amazing how quickly you can change, however. My pace started out better than normal, but I really slowed down about mile 21... It started getting really hot (they posted a runner's heat advisory) and I was running out of steam because the course at the end really wasn't shaded. And to top it off, there were 3 or 4 underpasses on a major road we had to overcome, which is difficult at the very end of a marathon! So my time was about 5 minutes later than my last! But I DID have a great time, and I would love to run Houston again in the future!
Anyway, I crossed the finish line and they took my post-race weight. Most people lose about 4 lbs., but I had gained 2!!!!! So the medical team wanted to ask me some questions. Some of the answers I gave made them ask for a blood and urinalysis, and they ran some lab work. They said I had "mild" hyponatremia---I was over hydrated (which may have also kept me from running optimally, as well). This can actually be life-threatening if it is extreme, but mine was more like when you feel "water logged." My sodium was a bit off, as well. I was worried about becoming dehydrated during the route, and my body was also thirsty, so I kept drinking!!!
We left from the convention center to come home and stopped for "Billy's BBQ" and DQ at Bastrop. We came into Marble Falls at about 6, where Mom was keeping Weiss! He was asleep (late nap) when we got there.... Anyway, it was a fun weekend, and marathon #2 is now under my belt. Next stop: the Austin Half-Marathon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Houston is Almost Here......(gulp)

Hello, all! I hope you are finding yourself warm and cozy this week; it has been some crazy weather! It's so cold in the morning, and yet it's warm enough for Weiss to go outside or to the park comfortably in the afternoons.... bizarre! That's Texas for you, though!
We've had a pretty low-key week so far; Weiss and I went to the Marble Falls Library for the first time today with Hannah, Sophia ("Phia" as Weiss calls her) and little Gabriella. We used to go to our local San Antonio Library nearly every week, and it really spoiled us (and ME), because you could get anything under the sun from all the availability of the SA library network. However, the Marble Falls Library was okay, and we'll be back, for sure! Weiss was in a rambunctious mood today in the library (very loud and running everywhere), so I don't know what I would have done without Hannah helping me when I was registering for a library card! Anyway, we went to HEB and then to Hannah's house to play for a bit. Last night, I got to watch the ONLY reality show I succumb to: AMERICAN IDOL!!!! I was sooooo excited for it to be back on, but since Logan and I don't have DVR/TiVo right now (just basic cable---yuck!), we can't record/rewind to critique the songs/rewatch. It's not so cool right now, but hopefully, before the finals, we'll have some "other" arrangement.... I will definitely be tuned in tonight....I am going to speed home from choir practice!!!!!
Naptimes are back to normal! HOORAY!!!! I am so happy.... That was a big challenge, and although Weiss still fights them, I fight back.... he desperately needs his daily nap or he is Mr. Cranky Pants later in the evening!!! My parents are coming down this weekend to keep Weiss when Logan and I go to Houston early Saturday morning. They are coming on Friday and staying until Monday. (Or at least Mom is for sure---they are taking separate cars in case Dad gets busy in the funeral home. I know that may sound weird and morbid to some of you, but get over it!!!! Haha!!!) I am running in my last marathon for a while---the Houston Marathon. I am excited, but somewhat nervous. It will be fun to people watch and experience the race, but it IS 26.2 miles, so I am a bit apprehensive. So if you are reading this, I could use some prayers Sunday morning from about 7AM to noon.......(Thanks!) I'll keep you all updated and send some pictures your way.... I know I've been bad about posting pictures lately.... :(

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weekend is Upon Us!!!!

It's hard to believe another week has gone by, and here we are in 2009.... Our little man is growing by the minute, and he is talking more and more. He puts several words together in groups--kind of a "quasi sentence." He's so much fun and more entertaining and outgoing as he grows.
Last night, Mia (Cinda) and Brian and Debbie Davenport came over to see Weiss. It was Brian and Debbie's first time to see Weiss, and he was really hamming it up! He was in his Elmo pajamas and found his safety orange "Abilene Zoo" cap and was wearing it around the house. To top it off, he found a passy in his room, and had it in his mouth part of the time. I should have taken a picture.... Silly kiddo! They really got a kick out of him!
Today, Weiss and I went to my MOPS24 group at our old church in San Antonio (Community Bible) and got to see many "old" friends. And it seems EVERYONE is pregnant with baby #2 (or even #3 for some)..... Anyway, you girls KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Rhonda and Pete Bauerlein spoke today about marriage, and they are incredible speakers.... They have three daughters, and I have been blessed to know two of them at CBC--Aimee and Brittany, both awesome people. I have heard them before and remember them being good, but today really hit home. They truly exemplify a Godly marriage and the perfect complement of husband and wife.... Aimee, thanks for sharing your parents with us today at MOPS, and thanks for listening during the "swimming" lessons!!! Haha! (Sorry guys---it's a MOPS inside joke...)
Anyway, Weiss and I went to SuperTarget, got Starbucks and came on home, where we then met with Daddy and went to the park. We fed the ducks, and I sure wish I had brought along my camera.... The lighting was beautiful this evening and the male mallard ducks were in. I had never seen any before at Johnson Park. Weiss had a great time. He ran around and burnt off some energy, or so we thought.....We ran into the Homeyers and their dog, Max. I am SO EXCITED they are expecting and can join the "parents" club!!! Yeah!!! They are such fun people and we appreciate their friendship. Anyway, we got home and ate, and Weiss talked to B-Paw and LuLu on the iChat... He loves it and was showing off and bouncing off the walls. Logan finally got the little man asleep. He is so much fun and keeps us on our toes.... 

Monday, January 5, 2009

An Addendum....

After talking to Justin tonight, I found a book I am going to order for Logan, because it is so us. (Well, most of it.) And it is really funny. If you can't see the title, it's called "The Definitive Guide to Stuff White People Like." (You can read the first chapter on The website was the inspiration for the book, but Justin said he and his friend think it is hilarious yet true.

He NAPPED today!!!

In an earlier post, I was so worried about Weiss foregoing his naps. However, I think we are making some progress.... today, he NAPPED!!!!! 
Hopefully tomorrow he will, as well, because he goes to Children's Church when I am at Community Bible Study from 9:00 to 11:30 AM, so maybe that will wear him out.... Today has been a fun day... It was really cold, so our run was cancelled this morning (low thirties and raining---we would have been popsicles!!!) and Weiss and I stayed in, except for going to get some groceries. We got to do a live video chat with my parents for the first time on my new computer, and Weiss really liked that. After I got that set up (which was opening/activating my old AOL IM account), I got to chat with two long lost friends: Shannon Stovall, from McMurry University (we were in the same program, Model UN, and played women's soccer together for 2 seasons) and did an iChat with Justin Knight, a friend who graduated high school with me and who now lives in Denver. I was so happy to chat with old friends!!!! Anyway, it was a fun day, and Weiss is always doing crazy things to make me laugh....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recap of our fun weekend.....

It's been a fun weekend. Cinda took Weiss so Logan and I could spend some time together, and we saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which was really great. (Logan really liked it, and so that says alot....) We went to Starbucks and got coffee and had their new Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte for the first time, which we are both now addicted to. (I had one Friday evening, Saturday morning, and he just brought me one back this afternoon....ADDICTED!!!) 
Anyway, Saturday, Logan went to get a deer, but didn't see anything worth shooting. (NOTE: For those of you who don't know us that well, we love venison and usually keep our freezer stocked, but I guess we'll eat more beef this next year....) I got a cut and color and then Logan and I met at Round Mountain to eat at the "Real New Orleans Restaurant." If you haven't been there, it is excellent Cajun food for this area. The people who run it are originally from New Orleans and left right before Hurricane Katrina. We had fried chicken, red beans, rice and sausage, crawfish etouffe, seafood gumbo, bread pudding, and topped it off with New Orleans style coffee. It was excellent, but we felt like slugs after we left. However, the weather was so nice, we got in 9 holes of golf here at Meadowlakes. (It was my first time golfing since I had Weiss!!!) We then drove straight out to Cinda's at Kingsland and ate short ribs with parsnips and thyme, sweet onion shortcake and a great slaw she made with green apples and anise. As always, her cooking was superb. We took Weiss home, but him to bed, and then Logan and I watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." We had a SUPER FUN weekend.
Today (Sunday) we got up and went to early church and Sunday School. When we got home, I put corned beef and cabbage on for our evening meal. I went on a run with Zoey dog and then Logan napped while Weiss and I went to Logan's beloved store, Walmart. (Not really.... he despises Wally World!) Anyway, when we were leaving, Weiss was saying, "Holy, holy?" I finally figured out: I have been listening to Chris Tomlin's newest CD, and track 8 says "holy, holy" many times, and I guess Weiss really likes the song. When the song was over, he would say, "More Holy, holy?" So we listened to the same song to and from Walmart. I was smiling the entire way. I tend to listen to praise and worship, but sometimes I still listen to pop or other music. However, the little man is retaining EVERYTHING he sees, hears, and does. It is amazing. It makes me all the more aware of that old saying, "garbage in, garbage out." Some of you may not agree with me on that, but as a mommy, I definitely feel that way in this crazy world we all live in and where Logan and I are raising our child. God, through my child, keeps me aware daily that everything I do or say influences the molding and upbringing of my child. So that is a BIG responsibility to consider, but I am thankful. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well, it WAS a Happy New Year, until our crazy day....

WHOA!!!! Today has been "one of those" days.... And I mean crazy.... Granted, we had no where to be or really to do, but let me fill you in......
Logan, Weiss and I slept in, planning to spend a lazy day at home watching the Rose Bowl (I mean "Logan" watching the Rose Bowl, while Courtney reads a book....) and eating our black-eyed peas. My alarm went off as usual: 5:30 AM. I decided to sleep in because I thought we could go on a "family run" today, since my two running buddies are in Houston for a marathon. Anyway, we out Weiss in the jogging stroller, put Zoey on a leash, and leave the house at around 11:00 AM. On the way out, Logan said he was going to lock up. Since we had not left from the front door, it was deadbolted shut, along with the back door. Logan left through the garage door, stepping over the sensor so the door would shut behind him.
At 11:50ish, we return. The house is locked. We are locked out. Logan thought the front door was open because he didn't realize I had locked the door last night (in our ridiculous neighborhood, there's no need to really lock your door because of the anal guards at the front gate...they practically get your Social Security number if you don't live in Meadowlakes). I was paying attention to Weiss, so I didn't tell him the front door was locked; I was oblivious at the time when he locked up. Anyway, our phones, keys, and everything are in the house. We had a spare hidden, but it was not in its place because Logan loaned it to a repairman, it was returned, but never made its way back to spot outside... 
So--the only other option is his family lakehouse in Kingsland, which had a spare. Thankfully, his mom is there. Since we don't park in the garage because of our disorganization, we can get to Logan's car, which has a spare set of keys inside. After unlocking his car with the touchpad (thank the Lord for those!!!) we retrieve the spare set of keys and head out of Meadowlakes. We get in the car, along with Zoey dog, and I am hounding on him because I thought he knew I locked the door at night, he should have checked it, et cetera. Logan crawls through a four-way stop. I didn't even realize it. A city cop sees it. We get pulled over in the middle of town. (Oh--by the way, Logan's ID is locked in our house.) 
One of my friend's husbands from our Mom to Mom Bible study is a city cop. I had never met him because he is always on call when she's at church or when we've met at the park with the kiddos. I asked Logan, "Does it say 'Officer Pedrazas' on his patrol car?" He said, "yup." He was very nice, and of course, he asked for Logan's license, and Logan didn't have it. Kuddos for Logan, he knows his Texas DL #, which I need to memorize myself. Anyway, I pulled the "I know your wife and little girl from church" card as quickly as I could. (Jessica, if you happen to be reading this, I'm sure you're used to this by now with people you know....)WE GOT OFF WITH A WARNING!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
As we were pulling away from the cop to head out of town (Kingsland is still about 15 miles away), Logan realizes we are out of gas. Not "50 miles until empty," either. Like "running on fumes" empty. His car's computer couldn't give an estimate for how "empty" it was. Thankfully, we have to drive by HEB, which has the cheapest gas in town, along with SuperWalmart. (They always have price wars going on with gasoline.) We have no means of paying, so we find enough loose change in the car to scrap up about three dollars. 
We get to Kingsland, and thankfully, Cinda was there working on the computer, paying bills. She let us eat (what a blessing....I was getting hungry from no breakfast!). Despite her hospitality, there was NO SPARE at the lakehouse. We tried to call Dickey, but he was snowskiing in Taos, so we couldn't reach him on the slopes. So.....we called all of the people in town we thought would have spare keys, to no avail. 
We finally call an elderly neighbor who was friends with the woman who previously owned our home. Her husband answered. He said Jackie--his wife--was taking a nap. So I asked him if they had a spare to the house. He said yes!!! We could come by and get it. So--we head back to Meadowlakes, thinking our day of calamities is remedied.
I jump out of the car at Jackie's house to ask for the key. She answers the door. "I'm sorry; we don't have a key---he thought it was the other neighbor...." OH. So, we use her phone to call the locksmith, which he said he would come in 30 minutes. We wait over one hour. Keith from "Bill's Lock 'N Key" finally arrives, because he was swamped with the New Year's hullaballoo aftershock. It takes Keith over an hour (or more) to pick the lock....he said it was one of the most difficult locks he's seen in a LONG time. (Logan and I did enjoy visiting with him. But then again, we enjoy visiting with anyone. Don't get me wrong--he was an interesting dude.) Anyway, at 5:10 PM and $70 later, we reenter our home. 
I put Zoey in the shower with me because she had been "sweating" all day, and Logan is preparing the grill. YUM. We have the Rose Bowl on, and I am here, finally comfortable. 
At least today was a nice day to be locked out of our house, and Weiss was in a good mood. Anyway, WHAT A WAY to begin 2009!!!!