Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Have We Been Up To?

Hello, all!

I have not been great about updating, so I will just briefly mention some of the things we've been up to lately......

However, I do have to mention our latest appointment with our midwife group. We were scheduled for the 20 week scan, which is the full-blown ultrasound where they completely check out the baby and all vital organs. (It's also the appointment where the sex of the baby is usually determined....) SO--- We found out we are having----- (drumroll)--------ANOTHER BOY!!!! It was VERY obvious on screen.... Logan said it looked as though the baby was sitting on a glass table. Nice visual, huh? His name will be Klein Bennett Stanley. Klein--because we liked it and it was somewhat unique, and Bennett, after my dad, Samuel Bennett Williams II (he's known best as "Benny"). We are very excited!

As of yesterday, Logan and Dickey, my father-in-law, have now opened their new building for their dental practice! It is very beautiful and also has a wonderful view of the Lakes Marble Falls and LBJ. I'll have to get some pictures up here soon... The guys are really happy with their office and all of their new dental "toys" to play.....ahem.....work....with! There is also an upstairs area for me to cordon the Stanley clan if I am at the building, with a seperate bathroom and shower. The guys have an awesome break room with huge windows and a great outdoor patio to eat on. They are planning to move a BBQ pit to the office so they can have healthy grilled lunches, and have some workout equipment upstairs, as well! So work will be a great place for them, just so long as they don't plan on living there permanently! I personally enjoy the massive steep hill that is right in front of their office, and I can really feel the burn when I walk/jog/run it! I am thankful the shower will be nearby!

Some other things that have happened, in no particular order:

Bluebonnet pictures with Weiss at Horseshoe Bay near the Ferguson Power Plant
Elton John Concert and date night in Austin!
Brett and Anna's wedding in Fredericksburg (fun weekend!)
Easter sunrise service, followed by Sunday brunch at Bluebonnet Cafe
Weiss colored eggs for the first time!
Community Bible Church Saturday Easter Service (always a blessing!)
Completion of an Easter gingerbread cottage (with massive sugar overload following)
Weiss's addiction to his backyard "Roller Coaster," as he calls it
Weiss's first pony ride at Gentry's party
Visit to Abilene/Merkel to see my parents (Chick-Fil-A and Target trips included, of course!)
Alice in Wonderland 3D with Kelley Homeyer
Accumulation of more "Thomas the Train" toys
Inaugural kayak ride of the season for Weiss and Logan

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