Sunday, December 1, 2013

So---it’s been a loooonng while since I have last blogged. I have realized for quite some time I needed to get back to it, not only because it is a great way to hash out my thoughts and ‘de-stress,’ but as I go back and read my previous blog posts from many moons ago, I am flooded with happy memories that I would have lost had I not documented them. Rereading and perusing my old blog posts, I laugh, I get lumps in my throat--I see the changes and paradigm shifts that have occurred within my own life—the ways I used to think, the ways I currently think. It’s fun to go back and witness all of this just by going back and revisiting my own words and ideas from the past. I desperately need to get into the blogging habit again; with my precious children and so many wonderful memories to be made, I need to do something—other than taking photos—to remember this ever so special time. (It also is a great way for me to keep recipes that I don’t want to lose!) This blog is mainly for me, but if anyone wants to check it out and if my little mundane life can be an encouragement for someone or offer them new recipes, then read on! …..and I don’t scrapbook, by the way. I wish I had that patience, but I am way too disorganized and distractable to undertake such a huge project! Thankfully, in this wonderful, modern, era, there is blogging for those of us who aren’t the scrapbooking type. …Well, here it goes—again. ….a renewed ‘commitment’ to blogging!

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Julie Adams said...

We were talking about Advent last night! I am Baptist so I just never really knew much about it, but I often went to the Methodist church youth group and they always talked about it. So Nick and I began talking about it last night. Sometimes I along with the rest of the world totally commercialize Christmas. I have to slow down and think about the true reason. We set up Nick's Granny's vintage nativity scene and I just love it so much!!! Keep writing!!!