Saturday, September 12, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Now that I have returned home from Virginia, it seems like I have been ultra busy!!!! (You probably all can relate; activities are never spaced out equally; they tend to fall together in clumps!) The last week home was a great week--I mainly spent it getting the house back to normal, doing laundry, and spending some overtime with husband and son... (I owed them BIG TIME for being gone!) I also tried to exercise each day because Chick-Fil-A and all of Liberty's goodies (free coffee, bagels, chips, cereal, cookies, you name it) had REALLY gotten me down....

Anyway, I aged one more year on Wednesday, which happened to feel more like a Monday (random things occurred to make my day a bit "out of whack" from the moment I woke up....). Weiss kept us up during the middle of the night, banging on our door, wanting to sleep in the bed with us (he knows he's not supposed to), I got two giant quarter-sized blisters on my arches for not wearing socks with my running shoes.... Aunt Flo came to visit--ON MY BIRTHDAY...BUMMER...., my car battery was beginning to give me trouble, so I had to go spend an hour and a half in Walmart Automotive... However, a visit with Kelley and little Brooks really helped get the day off to a better start!!!! (Thanks for the birthday cake, Homeyers!!!!! YUMMO!!!!)

I left the Homeyer's house to pick up Weiss from preschool at FBC, and found him in a totally different set of clothes. His teacher informed me that he pooped his pants first thing in the morning on the playground, took them off, and began to "play" in the mess..... (GAG...).... Weiss was put in time-out... Then at lunch, he began to "play" in his food without his utensils... I guess we have a little sculptor on our hands.... "Le artiste..."

Logan and I went to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University on Wednesday night. I am super excited about the class, and I am glad we signed up! He loves anything about management or finance, and so we are both looking forward to it... That was a great finale to my big birthday....

We left on Thursday to come here to Las Vegas. Logan and Dickey (his co-worker and dad) had a conference here for the specialized medical/dental group they belong to, which is really focused around biological dentistry and overall physical and dental health. I'll discuss more on that, later.....

The conference is located at the JW Marriott, in Summerlin, Nevada, which is not far from the LV strip. The first night we all (Logan, Weiss, Dickey, Cinda, and I) went to the Caesar's Forum and ate at Wolfgang Puck's Spago... WONDERFUL!!!! Weiss was a great boy and ended up making friends with a couple from Vancouver sitting across from our table.... He made such good friends that they shared their dessert with him..... SUPER hilarious!!!

He really had a good time at Caesars, and he was great on the flight from San Antonio to Las Vegas.... (Buying a miniature Southwest plane really helped, I think!!!) Yesterday, Cinda, Weiss and I went to the pool (which is fabulous here) and spent all morning... Weiss had a blast, and enjoyed hanging out. We had a great lunch (caprese salad on focaccia bread....going to try that at home....DELISH!!!). We came up to the room so he could take a nap, and then Dickey and Cinda went to a banquet. Logan and I took Weiss back down to the strip and went to New York, New York. (I thought he would like the scenery in the boroughs.....It reminds me of Universal Studios....) We ate "outside" at a little Jewish Deli called Greenberg's... We had homemade chicken noodle soup, matzo balls, and a pastrami reuben.... Because it was 9/11 and we were at NYNY, they had a great, HUGE group of bagpipers and drummers in the traditional garb. They honored the miltary and the LV and NYC firemen and police officers, which was quite a sight. They had a "mini" parade in the casino.... Weiss enjoyed seeing the firetrucks.... He was impressed they came in red, white, AND yellow!!!

However, he began to ask if he could play the "games" as we were leaving.... (aka "the slot machines.....") AAHHH!!!!!! Funny, but NOT funny...... (We didn't even play ourselves..... He just saw everyone playing and all of the cool lights and sounds...)

We then took Weiss back to Caesar's forum, where we spent some time in FAO Schwarz.... Three stories of a child's fantasy!!!! He picked out "Colin the Crane" for his Thomas railroad set (go figure---he's obsessed with wooden trains) and has been playing with it all day! He also was loving the Playmobil toys in the store, and I'm glad about that, because I had already bought him some for this coming Christmas!!!

After the toy store, we went to see Caesar's fountain perform in front of the Cheesecake Factory.... He started out saying, "I'm not scared....." However, Weiss started getting scared when he saw the fire in the show. He didn't cry, but he said, "I'm scared..." However, that was only for a brief portion of the end, and then we redeemed ourselves by letting him watch the fish in the huge aquarium around the back of the fountain... He watched for about 30 minutes.... It had some great fish and lots of rays...

This morning, I heard some great speakers at Logan's conference. I decided to go because there are many topics that echo beyond dentistry, and quite frankly impact ALL of us, and these topics are near and dear to my heart. I have heard some GREAT speakers this morning, one being a top expert in his field, Dr. Boyd Haley. US Representative Dan Burton gave a compelling speech, as well. (If you want to know the content of their speeches, just ask me. Don't get me started on my blog because it is a HOT BUTTON for me....) One reason this group is controversial is because it does NOT agree with all the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CDC (Center for Disease Control), ADA (American Dental Association), AMA (American Medical Association) and other big governmental agencies stand for. (This includes all of the big lobbying, big spending pharmaceutical industries....) Any entity that is denying individuals their right to know the FULL truth about health and its various components is what the IAOMT speaks out against. ANYWAY--Enough about that!

Now, I'm waiting for Weiss to wake up. (He stayed with Cinda in their hotel room while the guys and I went to the conference.) Cinda and I are going to head out again to the strip and go grab something at Serendipity 3 (ice cream)!!! We fly back tomorrow..... I'll chat again soon! I still have to update on my fun weekend with Logan in Virginia!!!

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