Monday, September 28, 2009

WHOA!!!!! It's been a LONG time......

WHOA!!! I can't believe it has been soooo long since my last post... I have really been negligent lately; however, now that things are more back to normal and I don't have any more exhausting weekends looming in the future, I should be able to post. I have just been drained from all of the traveling and packing.... I have felt until recently as though I live out of a suitcase! It's refreshing not to feel that way anymore!

After our Las Vegas weekend, Weiss resumed school and I don't know where that week went! We left the following Friday for the coast with our friends, Casey, Hannah, Sophia, and Gabriella Burns. We went to Port Aransas and stayed at the family friendly Port Royale.... We had a great time at the beach, in the sprawling pool, visiting the U.S.S. Lexington, and the State Aquarium (Weiss really loved the dolphins, petting the manta rays, and the bird show). Of course, we also enjoyed the company of our friends, and the kids had a great time together.

This past weekend, my parents came down to Marble Falls. Friday after picking Weiss up from school, we visited the pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farm. Weiss was really looking forward to stuffing a scarecrow and seeing the goats, but the scarecrow stuff wasn't ready yet and the goats weren't out. (I was looking forward to the homemade pumpkin ice cream, but it was still freezing....DRATS!) We picked out some pumpkins, got some pictures of Weiss posing, and pet the horses and the donkeys... The baby donkey was sooo cute! We all headed in to Austin to go to the Apple store for Dad and we ate some good food at Pei Wei! (It was my FAVORITE in San Antonio; there was one not too far from our house--I haven't eaten there in awhile because I am out here in the "boonies!" Haha!)

Saturday morning, we went to Sea World! It was Weiss's first time. We were all anticipating (and hoping for) cool weather, but that wasn't the case. However, we saw the Shamu show, the Viva! show (with acrobats, dolphins, and belugas), and the sea lion show. We also got to see the penguins, dolphin feeding tank (Weiss was too tired at that point to feed them), and shark reef. By that time (5 hours in the park), Weiss was zonked! We were, too. We came home and ate at the Bluebonnet and then retired to the house.

Anyway, I know I'm not too detailed in this post; I'm just glad I'm posting! I have some stuff to do here and dinner to tend with, so I've got to wrap up. Tata for now!

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