Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 Weeks Have Come and Gone....

WOW! Can I just say this year has flown? I cannot believe we are almost finished with October, and I haven't even blogged yet!!!! We have been very busy!!!! The past three weekends have been my parents coming over, a half marathon with Lexy and Mackenzie at San Antonio, a day out with Thomas the Train (and a ride, too!), dinner with Mia, Grappa and our friend John Shao, and last weekend I worked the music team on a Walk to Emmaus with Kim Edwards, so I was gone Thursday through Sunday. The boys hung out and had some quality bonding time! Since I have had some time off school (I start back Monday, however), I have really been enjoying myself. I've done a lot of leisure reading and spending some good playtime with Weiss.

Mr. Weiss, in the meantime, has been doing very well with potty training. We went 4 days with no accidents, and then he had an accident when he was at the church nursery this evening without us there (I think it could have been avoided if he was with us). However, things have been going well and his vocabulary is ever-expanding! He can count to 20 and identify most letters. (There are about 5 he does not know.) We've made an autumn gingerbread house with gumdrops and candy bats on the roof, and when I am not looking, Weiss will grab a kiddie chair, stand on it, reach the house up on the bar, and grab a licorice gumdrop! Of course, it's easy to spot the evidence in his teeth! YUCK!!!

I will have to update with some more current pictures, but I am just glad to be posting a short update. (I'll probably post more when school is back in session, because I'll find myself stalling on the computer!)

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Priscila said...

I cant believe its almost halloween. Its crazy! How does it go so fast!?
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