Monday, December 21, 2009

WOW!!! It's almost Christmas!

I can't believe this month has flown by already.... Here's a recap of what we've been doing. This month has been particularly busy for us, not only because of the Christmas holiday, but because Weiss had his third birthday. I had my finals for two classes at one time (which ended Friday---HALLELUJAH!) and had to secure my internship in late January to complete my master's program. All of this has made the first part of December busy, and unfortunately, stressful.
A bit about my internship: God worked everything out beautifully; I will be working at the Highland Lakes Crisis Center. It services four counties here in Central Texas and houses up to 40 women (and children) at one time. I will be working with women and children who are victimized by domestic abuse and sexual assault. (It is also the sexual assault crisis center for this area, as well.) It stays very busy and is open 24/7, so I am sure I will be very busy. I am required to complete 800 hours there, so this will take me several months working full-time.
Weiss was so excited about his birthday approaching; he really had a great time this year celebrating. For the longest time, he said he was "five" if anyone asked, but I think he has figured out he is three now....
We attended the Main Street Bethlehem production in Burnet this year.... If you've never been, it was incredible and so worth going to see. There were plenty of live animals (chickens, geese, camels, sheep, donkeys), everyone dressed in period costumes, and everything was so realistic. Burnet FBC has a permanent "Bethlehem" set up outside of their church on some property they have there. The buildings are stone, and there is a wall around the city, just like it really would have been. There are Jewish priests, many merchants, Roman soldiers, wise men, shepherds, tax collectors, prostitutes, vagrants, lepers, prisoners, and families with small children. And of course, there is Jesus (a real baby!), Mary, and Joseph. Weiss loved it and learned how to say "Shalom!" We went late on a Sunday evening (someone had told us that was the best time.... It really wasn't crowded. We had no lines. We had heard people waited for TWO hours in line! After all, over 10,000 people go through in 2 weekends.) Mary and Joseph were supposed to remain "stoic" with the baby Jesus, and Weiss kept hollering at Joseph and waving to get his attention. It was so cute--finally Joseph looked up and casually waved. We were the only ones around the manger at that point, so I guess he thought it would be okay to break character....
We went to a wedding in the Merkel area this past weekend (Kelle Hicks and Derreck Ratliff). We had a great time; I got to see and visit many people I had not seen in quite some time! Thanks, Kelle, for including us! We left Friday morning and Weiss got carsick right off the bat. (He has never done that!) We pulled over and Logan was cleaning out/"Lysoling" Weiss's carseat; I took Weiss in the back with the tailgate up and changed his clothes. When he was covered in yuck, he kept saying, "I need a doctor...." I thought that was hilarious! He perked right up and was fine the rest of the drive and weekend. We think he got too hot because the heater was on and he had just had a big breakfast. Poor dude.
We stayed with my parents and enjoyed visiting with them. It was so COLD there. The temperature isn't too bad, but the wind makes it feel soooo cold. We had the rehearsal Friday in Eriksdahl (Avoca), and then the dinner in Abilene. Saturday, we drove to Eriksdahl (near Stamford) and then the reception was in the Elks Building in Abilene. We then left to eat at Catfish Corner! (Logan was craving it.... Good choice, Logan!) Sunday we left to go visit Logan's granddad at Big Spring in the Veteran's Hospital nursing facility. It was great to see him and know that he recognized all three of us. He was glad to see us and Weiss was in a great mood. We then left to go to San Angelo to visit Justin, Ashley, and Sydney White. It was a fun but short visit. We made our way home last night. We had many hours in the car this weekend, but it was a fun one!

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