Sunday, May 23, 2010

Community Bible Church's 20th Anniversary!!!

Today marks Community Bible Church (CBC) of San Antonio's 20th anniversary. When we were in San Antonio, we were so blessed as to attend this church, thanks to the initial invite of our friends, Bo and Katie Kilpatrick. (Thanks, guys!) I was so incredibly blessed being a part of the church; although it was a large place, I was blessed beyond measure many times by the people there and the way God was so obviously working. I was so blessed to be a part of Ray Jones' and Amanda Singer's wonderful praise choir program, which was over 500 strong and had incredible live music each Sunday, thanks to Ron Blount's amazing praise band and orchestra. (The choir there is the hand raisin', body swayin' type! No choir robes included!) Thankfully, they have many CDs, so I am still able to get a daily blessing of the wonderful CBC choir while here in Marble Falls. (Yes, anyone can ask Logan--I normally listen to them on a daily basis! Weiss and Logan love them, too!) I also was able to sing in the smaller praise team, which not only had some amazingly incredible voices, but even more importantly, people who loved the Lord.

Whenever people say that you get "lost" in a big church, I have to disagree: whenever Weiss was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks after his birth, Ray Jones and Amanda Singer came to personally pray over him a total of 3 times. (It was also a "God thing" how they even got into the University Methodist Hospital NICU because they were supposed to have been escorted in, but all three times, we had stepped out for a bit! Our nurses would tell us they thought they were our "family...") On top of all of this, our incredible Sunday School class showered us with prayer, love, and food for several months after he arrived home. (And this same incredible class has now established an annual mission trip to Guatemala to build life-giving water wells and spread God's Living Water while they are there!) The church staff was incredibly easy to get to know--even the department heads, in many cases--and they were active in all of the ministries offered there. For such a large church, it had such a "small town" feel, believe it or not!

What I learned at CBC gave me a new perspective on how to reach the world for Christ and improve upon my own life and relationships with Christ and others. We still have many great friends there, and I thank the world for Facebook so I can keep up with them and what is going on at CBC! Logan and I have now made it a point to continue driving in ever so often (it is about an hour and twenty minutes away for the 9 AM on Sunday morning) to get an "extra blessing...." Thankfully, in this day and age, I can catch Robert and Chris Emmitt's messages on their website, which I try to do often. To hear the worship, however, we have to be "in house," and Logan knows what this means to me, so we have a huge incentive to go back when we can.

Please check out this wonderful tribute article, which talks a bit about Robert Emmitt, the senior pastor at CBC.