Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So---the past few days, Weiss's schedule has been a bit off. With the Christmas holiday and all of the people and commotion, he's stayed up later, slept in, and had a few days where his naps were later, longer, or shorter. Anyway, for about 3 days or so, he has NOT taken a nap. His schedule has been back in order, but NO NAP. He is full of energy, and I have sat with him in the recliner (as I have always done in the past) and tried in desperation to get him to nap. For two hours, each day, the past several days, I have sat, but to no avail. WHAT WILL I DO?!?!?! Weiss's naps are a sacred time of the day, and I look forward to not only relaxing with him and snuggling, but MY nap, as well!!!
Weiss turned two on December 15th, and I feel he's too young to give up a nap!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!!

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Mark & Terra said...

Hi Courtney... We are having the same battle at our house. We have settled for letting Hudson sit in his bed and read books during that time. He knows he cannot get out of bed, and I still have that time to get things done. I am like you though, I did not think it would stop so soon.