Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I've Been Lazy on Posting.....

Hello, everyone! I really thought I would post more this summer; boy, I was WRONG!!! And not that I've been doing anything much recently, besides chasing a 2-year-old around!!!! HA!

We've had a fun week... On Tuesday, Weiss and I went with a little group from FBC to the Strawberry Farm, although we are ending the strawberry season... He had a great time picking blackberries straight from the vine, feeding the goats, petting the horses and donkeys, and releasing ladybugs on the plants to eat the aphids. (He ate more berries than he put in his basket!!! His little face was all sweet!) And If you don't know the children's minister, Ed Necker, ("Mr. Ed") from FBC, you ought to.... He is so awesome with the kids, so enthusiastic, and so fun! The other day I caught him playing hopscotch with a kiddo.... He's such a kid at heart.... Anyway, we had a great time....

On Wednesday, Logan and I went in to Austin to see my parents, who were in town for the Texas Funeral Directors' Association convention. They were there with Monty and Debbie Howard, who are their friends and partners in business. We went to eat at Hofbrau's on 6th street.... Very good service and a good butter sauce on the steaks. We had a good time and a fun visit.

Thursday morning, Weiss and I drove back in to Austin for the exhibits and to see Mom and Dad again. There were casket exhibits, hearse exhibits, embalming chemical exhibits--you name it!!! Weiss woke up in a cranky mood, and to top it off, he hurt his arm roughhousing at the convention. (If you want all of the details, ask Lexy!!) Mom and I had to leave the convention and get him some baby Motrin....His arm hurt all day, and we had to see Dr. Torry after hours for him to check it out! Thankfully, during his bath that night, Weiss was magically all better!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Rusty, Jessica, and Isabella Baker spent the night with us Friday. Bella is only a few weeks younger than Weiss, and it was so much fun to see them all and get the kids together! Bella is a cutie patootie, too! Weiss and Bella played, and Logan was a sweetheart for keeping Weiss and taking him to dinner with everyone while I went to see Jane Elway at FBC. She is WONDERFUL!!! She is a tiny, 71-year-old woman who portrays biblical characters. And she is INCREDIBLE...
She portrayed Martha, the mother of the boy with the loaves and fishes, Pontius Pilot's wife, Phoebe (the deaconess from the old testament), the Symarian woman at the well, the woman who was about to be stoned, and I may be forgetting one or two....Maybe that was it..... I was blown away. And if someone had never heard the gospel, it was so clear in her monologues with the women she portrayed.... She would dress like the women in front of the audience, and it was so cool seeing her wear the different head coverings, tunics, and period clothing. I also got to see someone I was not expecting: Nancy Shirley, from San Antonio!!!! I was so happy to see her; she was there because her church is hosting Jane this coming fall, and they wanted to see her and get promo pictures with her. Small world!!!

Today after church, we had a picnic in the backyard. Then, Logan, Weiss and I went to Longhorn Caverns outside of Burnet. It was really fun; Weiss seemed to have enjoyed it. We hiked the nature trail in the heat; thankfully, we wore outdoor sweat-wicking clothing so we were prepared! However, there was a good deal of shade. We then took the 2:30 tour. It was nice and naturally "air conditioned" in the cave.... I'll have to post pics.... We really had a good time. We'll have to go back. Since it is only about 10 miles from home, I'm sure we will!!! After Logan got a geocache or two with his GPS on the way home, Weiss fell asleep. Logan read my mind---I really wanted a snowcone and have not had one in like 3 or 4 years! It seemed like an "official" way to roll in the summer for me! However, Weiss conked out and so he missed out on the fun! I got my usual: a wedding cake flavored one, and Logan got white coconut cream! YUM!

The boys dropped me off by the house so I could do homework and they went on to Lake LBJ to swim at Dickey and Cinda's and go out in the boat.... Boo.... I had to miss out! They also grilled out while they were there and I was stuck at home.... Anyway! It was a great weekend, and Weiss was pooped!

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