Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weiss Antics.....

Weiss is sure growing. I am always amazed at what he says, and there are things I am noticing him pick up from other places. At this stage in life, that's good, because the only "other places" are at both grandparents' homes, the church nursery, and other church activities. However, (I know this won't quite be the case as he gets older....)

Anyway, here are some funny things he's said the past week. (I really should type them as they occur, because I forget so many of the cute things...)

--He constantly calls himself "Puppy Dog." (Remember a previous blog post?) He is always saying things like, "Puppy Dog wants to ____," or "Puppy Dog likes ______." However, if you call him Puppy Dog, there are times when he will correct you. "Me no Puppy Dog; my name's Weiss!!!" I love to provoke this....I'll do things like, "Is your name Jim Bob?" "Hey Santa Claus, would you bring me that toy?" I love it because he will say, "Me no Jim Bob/Santa Claus, my name's Weiss!!!" And if I'm lucky, sometimes he'll say his full name: Weiss Height Tanley. TRANSLATION: Weiss Hyatt Stanley

--I've found a great line of hot dogs for kids at Whole Foods... The meat is from organic, grass-fed, hormone-free beef. It's also free of nitrites and nitrates, so children and even those who are pregnant--some of my friends out there, not me at this time--can eat them. (I remember I could have robbed a bank for a loaded chili dog when I was with child!) And Weiss LOVES them.... I have to cut him off at two hot dogs (minus the buns--we usually do a pita or Ezekiel bread if he wants it) because he could eat them all day! So the other day, he finished his second hot dog over watching "Barney" during lunch.
He pitter-patted up to me: "More hot dog?"
"No honey, you've already had two hot dogs."
He replied, "Three hot dogs???"
(I couldn't stop laughing at how early children learn manipulation.)

--Weiss is capable of potty training (and he's almost two and a half), but he doesn't like to go sit on the toilet when asked. Sometimes I will put him on the potty right after he wakes up and his diaper is dry, but if his diaper is really wet from the previous night, I just skip that step. (I do know that "potty training" ME is an important part of the process (getting me to be consistent), and we're working on that, too. But he's not too interested at this point...) ANYWAY--if it is his idea, he will go #1 and #2 on the potty. Sometimes, he even tells me to change his diaper. For example, this morning, he came in the room and had removed his PJ pants and diaper. He had a fresh diaper in his hand and powder. He said, "Mama, change my pants?" I had to laugh!!!

--Like most kiddos, he has a fascination with water. He always wants to wash his hands and make a mess with soap. However, he goes to the sink so much, I have had to go so far as to put a childproof doorknob turner on the door....

There are other antics, but I will have to think for a minute....

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