Monday, May 4, 2009

All Aboard the Potty Train!!!

Weiss loves trains--like all little boys--and as I was changing his diaper Friday, I was telling him how we were going to potty train soon. He said, "Potty train, choo-choo!" (He made the gesture of pulling a train horn as he said "choo-choo;" it was super cute!)

Now, any time we ask him if he wants to get on the potty train, he goes, "Choo-choo.....NO!" And other times, it will be,
"No potty train!!" And he knows exactly what we are referring to.... He likes to sit on the potty, but with his diaper on. He doesn't want to take it off.

And the kiddo doesn't like Pull-Ups. I've tried transitioning him to Pull-Ups instead of diapers, but yesterday, when Logan was with him and put a Pull-Up on him, he started crying, saying, "Elmo diaper, please!" (Pampers uses the Sesame Street characters, and unfortunately, I only had Huggies products in the house at the time. Huggies uses Disney characters, and Weiss doesn't like them as much...)

I've also tried real Elmo underwear, and Cars underwear. He despises them, as well......

The kiddo is ready to potty train; he is just stubborn, like both of his parents. He doesn't want to have poo in his pants, and tells me "gross" and "yucky." I admit: I have been lazy about putting him on the potty first thing in the morning and after meals because we always have something to do or an activity to attend, and I don't make the time. But these activities will be ceasing for the summer, so I'll have no excuse.

SO--In TWO weeks, we're going to go at it, cold turkey. I'm ready, Logan's ready, the grandparents are all ready. But the question remains: IS WEISS READY? Only time will tell......

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