Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weiss: 1, Mommy: 0

All aboard the potty train....choo choo!!!!

(If only it were that easy.....haha)

Weiss has shown many signs of readiness for potty training, but he is quite stubborn. With a stubborn Mommy and Daddy, he's sure to be EXTRA stubborn. Last night, Logan and I decided we would put him to bed in a Pull-Up. He threw the biggest fit, and Logan had to come help me get the Pull-Up on his little body because he was thrashing around so much. Unfortunately, Weiss had to be disciplined in the process, but amidst the tears and ridiculous crying, we got the training pants on. He kept saying, "I like the Elmo diapers, Mommy!!! I want the Elmo diaper!!!" (Pampers makes diapers with Sesame Street, and he wanted his old diaper.)

This morning, I sat my alarm to get up before Weiss. He has been waking up unusually early lately. I woke him up, and we went immediately to the potty.

We sat......and sat. Daddy made some juice because Weiss had been on so long....

EIGHT books later---and these weren't short ones, people---he finally peed.

YEAH!!!!!!! He really didn't think it was that big of a deal, just like he did the first time he went. We danced around, we high-fived, we went crazy.....

"We" being Logan and me.

So we put Weiss's Elmo underwear on him. He threw a fit and wanted the Elmo diaper---AGAIN---but we finally got his underoos on him. Logan and I walked back to our bedroom, and Weiss ran in, streaking, without his pants, laughing.

(Although you try not to laugh at them and remain serious, it is hard at times.....)

Logan left for work. Weiss and I wanted to go for our daily outing. So I got ready and put a giant beach towel in the jogging stroller. I put cotton shorts on Weiss so he could "feel" if he decided to go pee. We were out for almost an hour walking/jogging, and no pee. (At this point, I was a proud mommy. I was thinking this potty training business was all overrated; it was going to be a piece of cake.) We got home, and I wanted to sit him on the potty. (It had been about an hour and a half, with 2 big cups of watered down juice!) NO. He told me he did NOT want to sit on the potty.


So I hop in the shower. I get out to dry, and Weiss runs in the bathroom, naked from the waist down. I couldn't help but laugh. Upon going in the living room, he had sat on Zoey's dog bed and peed. He left his shorts and underwear in the floor. So not only do I have to wash Weiss's clothes, but Zoey's bed. I threw her other bed from our bedroom in the wash. Might as well wash that one, too, while I'm at it......

I put ANOTHER pair of Elmo pants on Weiss, despite his protesting. I asked him if he wanted to go potty and carried him to the potty. NO!!!!! (Okay. I was not going to make a battle over this; he is really stubborn.) Five minutes later, he's gone pee, AGAIN.

I stick a Pull-Up on him, despite more beckoning for a Elmo diaper. I'm sure glad I did, because he decided to go #2...... (THAT was a close one.... haha!)

By this time, it was about one in the afternoon. NAPTIME! The day had stretched on, so slowly. (It normally flies by....) I had kept looking at the clock to see when he would need to go potty. I finally succumbed and put an Elmo diaper on him. Weiss naps curled up next to me, in my lap, and I did not want to have to take another shower.....

Okay. Weiss has won today's first battle of the Potty Training War.

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