Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Got A New "Puppy...."

Well, we officially have a new "puppy." Weiss's new favorite thing to do is act like a dog. Yes, 'tis true. He has always loved imitating dogs, and with us having Zoey dog, Dickey and Cinda having 3 (Avery, Quila, and Lola), and Mom and Dad with Barkley, he has spent his entire life around house dogs.

He barks like a dog, crawls on all fours like a dog, and loves to put Zoey's leash on his shoulders and have me "lead" him around. (NOTE: He knows he can't put the leash around his neck; he rests the leash on his shoulders.)

He has also been caught several times playing in Zoey's water bowl with his hands, and trying to refill it, spilling the slobbery contents on the carpet in the process of carrying it. He has finally figured out to "pretend" drink out of her water bowl, but a friend suggested giving him a little "dog bowl" to call his own.

Yes, I am aware this is weird.

However, I talked to two friends at Bible study this morning, and both had kids that went through an "animal" stage.

Weiss will even pant and bark like a dog, and he knows Zoey goes out in the yard to go "potty." The other day, Logan, Weiss and I were all outside, and Weiss was wandering around in his diaper. He went out into the grass and squatted down, imitating Zoey. And kids squat anyway when know. And that is exactly what he did.

Weiss will even sit on the floor and pick his foot up to scratch behind his ear. It is funny.

When I picked him up from childcare at church this morning, he was on all fours, eating popcorn out of a plate, pretending it was a doggy bowl. He looked up at me, smiled, and barked.

Oh my goodness! He is silly---I hope this is just a phase!!!!!

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Julia said...

That is hilarious Courtney! haha...thanks so much for sharing! :) And no...I don't think you need to be concerned. Unless, that is, he is still doing this when he is in middle school! ;)
What a cutie pie! Post some pics for us! :)