Saturday, May 16, 2009

Austin Zoo, Whole Foods, POTTY!!!!!

Hello, all! I have been lazy about blogging this past week. Not that I have been super busy, but I have kindof taken a hiatus from the computer. I had been on so much the past few weeks for my finals in my class, and of course, I would blog more because I found myself "stalling" and making every excuse in the world not to do my work!!!! But that class is over, I am beginning a new one, and so that means this first week is really introductory and doesn't require alot of computer time, just reading.


On Wednesday, Hannah, the girls, Weiss and I went in to the Austin Zoo. It was hot and windy on Wednesday--kind of like west Texas (seriously)! The Austin Zoo was waaaayyy out in the boonies; it was not in the center of town like you would normally picture a city zoo, or in a location you would expect. However, there were lions, tigers, bears, giant tortoises, several varieties of monkeys and birds and a small petting zoo area with farm animals, and it was worth seeing. However, it was NOT stroller friendly at all. Poor Hannah had to navigate the double stroller, and I had my "good" stroller (not the jogger or the umbrella)....It does great on most terrain, but even this zoo stumped it. There was NO pavement whatsoever, just white caliche with craggy rocks and steep trails in some places. And of course, the wind was blowing, so the nice white dust from the caliche was in the air..... YUCK!!! The kiddos did enjoy it, and although it wasn't my favorite zoo, I will be back for Weiss's sake. Weiss had a good time holding Sophia's hand and talking about the cute!

We then all went to our favorite, Chick-Fil-A to eat and play. Weiss did not want to leave the playground; he was having too much fun! Little Gabriella is a daredevil and was climbing right up the playscape with no problem at all! (Weiss was very timid at her age...)

Weiss and I then went in to downtown Austin while Hannah went shoe shopping in Bee Cave at the Hill Country Galleria for the girls. We went to the Whole Foods flagship/original store on 6th Street, and it was a BLAST!!! (I am already making plans to go back on Monday or Tuesday.....) It was so much fun; who knew I would want to drive an hour to get groceries? They even have a clothing section!!! AWESOME!!! As always, Weiss and I walked out with lots of cool, great tasting, unique and healthy food! Logan goes there nearly every week after work, picks up a few groceries and eats, and I am so jealous now of what I've been missing out on!!! It is truly an experience; a hundred times better than the Whole Foods and Central Markets I am used to!

Oh---Logan brought the BEST dairy-free beverage home last week, and when I was there, I loaded up on more.... It is called "So Delicious Coconut Milk." I think only Whole Foods carries it, because I have never seen it anywhere else. He got the vanilla flavor, and it is like melted ice cream with a hint of coconut..... HEAVEN!!!! I got the carton and would just lean back and chug it.... We went through a half gallon in less then 24 hours, courtesy of ME.... So when I go back later this week, I am going to buy about 3 cartons to last....

Thursday morning, I had my last Mom to Mom of the year. We had a special brunch for Karen Cotrell, who is one of the mentor moms in the program and also my Sunday School teacher (along with her husband). If you don't know her or already know the situation, she had a rare form of breast cancer nine years ago. (In fact, the cancer is so rare, Susan G. Komen was not aware of it....) She had a radical mastectomy and endured chemotherapy and radiation. They did not expect her to make it through the first time. She is truly a miracle.

Unfortunately, Karen's cancer is back---inoperable stage IV cancer, now in her lungs and lymph nodes. PLEASE pray for this amazing, precious woman! She is an inspiration in her walk with Christ and she has such an effervescent, fun-loving personality. She loves to give back to others and is the epitome of a servant for Christ.... Pray, Pray, PRAY! Her husband, David, is starting a foundation in her name, and there will be a benefit for her in October that I will update you all about here on my blog. It will be something everyone can get involved with, as well, to allow the world to know about her rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. I'll keep you posted....

Anyway, we just used the brunch to visit and to build Karen up before her first treatment, which was Thursday. Her potassium levels were low, and the docs were not thinking she could have her treatment Thursday, but she was able to have the drug, and she also was placed in a clinical trial for another drug. If you don't mind, send some prayers up to God remembering Karen and David Cotrell....

I had given up on the potty training bit. Thursday before lunch, though, Weiss decided he needed to use the potty. I went in the bathroom, and he was tugging at his diaper to get it off. He sat himself down on his potty, and went NUMBER ONE AND TWO!!! Man, I jumped around and did a happy dance, and he got to put a potty training sticker on his Elmo Potty Chart! I made happy phone calls to brag on him! However, he didn't do it the rest of the day. He only goes when HE wants to.

Anyway, yesterday, Weiss and I ran errands--mainly for M&Ms to potty train, taught piano and then I had to play for a funeral at FBC. Logan had been volunteering at FBC's community dental clinic, so he watched Weiss when I was playing. (Thanks, hon!) I think it's great they have a community dental clinic here; all of the local dentists and assistants rotate to help those in the community. When Logan got in from work (he worked at their office in the afternoon), we both left Weiss with Kaili and went in to Bee Caves to eat at Rosie's Tamale House. It was good!!!! I loved the verde sauce on the enchildadas; very fresh and tasty! We then went to see the movie I have been anxiously waiting for: Angels and Demons! I loved the book, and I loved the Da Vinci Code, and the movie is worth seeing. Of course, folks, its something that you enjoy as FICTION and take with a grain of salt, if you will. (All of these nutcases who blow the Da Vinci Code out of proportion.... Take it for what it is: a FICTIONAL tale!) And this one is even more fictional than the Da Vinci Code, because the Pope didn't have any problems with anyone watching it after he recently viewed Angels and Demons..... Anyway, I'm stepping OFF my soapbox now!

We got home, and Kaili said Weiss went number 1 and 2 for her, as well! Once again, he has to decide when HE does it.... (Stubborn kiddo, but we all love him!!!)

This morning, Logan went kayaking with Kacey Burns (Hannah's hubby) and then Lexy and I went running. Five miles felt like TEN, and we didn't even run it all. We mainly caught back up, chitchatting. However, we will get back in the saddle again, folks! Now Logan and I are chilling, watching one of his favorite movies, the "Shawshank Redemption...." Ahh---I love lazy Saturdays!!!

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