Sunday, February 22, 2009

Continued Toddler Antics.....

Just so you know before you read below, these are his "Tadoodles" for the bathtub. Notice how closely they resemble the "Tadoodles" regular crayons, which is the bottom image. So just why am I telling you this? Well, Weiss decided to get artistic on Thursday.....

Weiss has been good about keeping his coloring on paper and his art easel, but this has changed quite recently. He has only been coloring with "big boy" crayons, but Logan got out his big, round, chunky ones (Crayola Tadoodles) that you grasp with your entire palm. I guess these reminded him of his bath crayons (they are identical except one is especially for bathtime), which he IS allowed to scribble all over the bathtub and tub walls (it comes off super easy with water). Anyway, our front door is completely white. I guess he found this to be a great canvas for his art! I was in the kitchen, putting up lunch. I walked back in the living room, and Weiss said, "Purple door, Mommy!" Sure enough, the door was purple. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. The crayon marks (and there were many) came off easily. However, this happened AGAIN when I was in the laundry room taking the clothes out of the dryer, despite a spanking and "no no" the first time around. There was even MORE color (blue, yellow and purple) and also coloring on the side windows around the door, which, I might add--looked pretty cool. (Very creative, Weiss!) He also only used his Tadoodles, so Logan and I are both thinking he makes the association: Tadoodles = color on bathtub walls OR front door/windows.  So I had to unfortunately repeat the discipline process. Later on Thursday, we took a meal to Mike, Maria, Marin, Mason, and baby Mallon Murray (say THAT five times fast!). Baby Mallon is precious and Maria was bubbly, as usual. We then took dinner out to Kingsland and ate with Dickey and Cinda (aka "Mia" and "Grappa"). Logan was out for the evening for a work meeting/dinner. Weiss enjoyed seeing them and had fun riding around in his little tractor with Mia pushing him and Lola, their French bulldog puppy, in the trailer behind him. It's pretty funny to see!
On Friday, I taught McKenna piano lessons and my parents arrived early afternoon. Weiss was waiting at the door for them! We went to the new Lowe's and Weiss had a good time. I got some MORE plants and Mom did, also. Logan came home and we went to the Marble Falls Chamber banquet out at the Horseshoe Bay Marriott. It was fun and we got to see many new and some familiar faces. There was a band and a fun photo booth. Logan wore crazy pigtails and I wore a Viking hat and an eyepatch. Fun, fun! The pictures turned out cute!
On Saturday, Lexy and I went running, after a LLOONNNNGGG hiatus for the both of us. At about 6 AM we drove out to her friend Sherry's beautiful new home in Spicewood. Man, I got a workout! There were lots of hills and beautiful homes to look at! But it was great to be back running again; me, Lexy, Sherry, and some more running buddies are running in the ZOOMA half marathon at the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop, TX on April 4th. I'm super excited, because you don't get a medal for finishing; you get a silver necklace! Cool, huh? Something to actually USE! 
Anyway, Logan went out of town with his parents to see his granddad, who just had more skin cancer surgery, and to get fitted for a suit from a tailor in Midland (his parents got him the suit for Christmas--it's the same guy who does George W. Bush's, huh?). Mom, Dad and I just hung out with Weiss and cooked steak and zuchinni Perinni. Yummo! We were all too tired to watch a movie, so I went to bed at about 10:30. I had to be at church early, so Mom and Dad took care of Mr. Pookie Bear and got him ready for me since Logan was gone. They left after lunch because Dad got busy in the funeral home. (Yes, it is a fact of life, folks.) Weiss and I worked out in the yard, pulling weeds in the front and back. We planted two camellia bushes and a star jasmine climbing vine. (For those of you that don't know, I have grown to love plants over the years, especially since Logan and I have been married. His family really enjoys plants/planting, and I guess I picked up on it.) Weiss pushed around his bubble lawn mower and "helped" me pick up weeds. I am glad to know he loves to be outside, because I really love to work in the yard. I find it stress relieving AND best of all, calorie burning. (And you can get a tan when the weather's nice...) We came inside and gave Zoey a shower because she romped all day outside, sniffing who knows what. Well, actually I had the water running and stuck Zoey in the shower to get her all nice and wet. I brought Weiss in the bathroom to help, and opened the shower door. Weiss saw her and freaked out. With all of her hair, she really looks different sopping wet, so maybe that was it. He was screaming like "The Exorcist." It was really disturbing. I'm not going to let him see Zoey get a shower any time soon.

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