Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Weekend Plans Changed...

Since the last post, the week went fairly smoothly. All of the normal activities: choir, Mom to Mom, et cetera. The weekend was "supposedly" going to be a girl's weekend with the Austin Marathon/Half-Marathon on Sunday (I was only going to do the half this time). On Friday, I decided I would head back to San Antonio for MOPS at Community Bible Church, our old church. Weiss stayed with Logan (thank you so much!) so I could get some things done. The day was just for me. Leaving town, I got Starbucks. I first went to Kohl's, since they open early, and got some things for Weiss and Mike and Maria Murray's new baby girl, Mallon. 
I arrived at MOPS, had a great time, saw my friends, and heard a great speaker. I then headed to Nordstrom, where I had scheduled a time to shop with Marta Bloch, who always knows EXACTLY what I like! (No, seriously, she's great!) I was there until 3:00 (crazy) and got some great things. This was AWESOME because I haven't been in a "shopping" mood in a while. I also found Logan some Valentine's stuff and Cinda her birthday present. I grabbed another coffee and a fruit and cheese tray before leaving Nordstrom because I just didn't have an appetite. My throat had been a little sore. 
I drove to the Painted Plate in Stone Oak (really the reason for leaving Weiss behind---who can paint pottery in a store loaded with breakables with an impatient toddler???) I had a piece that had been in the store, unfinished, since we had moved. I used to go to the Painted Plate with Denisse Warshak and the other ladies from our MOPS table on Monday nights to have a girl's night out and paint pottery. It was always so much fun, and I miss it! One of the many things of San Antonio I still miss! However, hitting the nasty traffic on 281 coming into town and 1604 made me thankful again for small towns.... Anyway, I finished up this beautiful pitcher with a cross on it and flowers. I am excited to see it after it is fired, glazed, and finished.
After I finished painting, I hopped back on 281 and headed back to Marble Falls. I had to run by HEB on the way home to get a candy thermometer; I was "attempting" to make Logan some homemade Valentine's candy--some chocolate covered caramels I found a recipe for. I got home, and Logan didn't want to eat leftovers, so we ordered a to-go order from Chili's. When the food got home, I just didn't have an appetite. I attributed it to eating later in the afternoon, but I started feeling sore. I thought this was from the kick booty P-90x workout Shelley, Bridget and I did (core synergistics will get ya good!). Just in case, and since I had the half coming up on Sunday, I called Dickey to get me a vitamin C IV. A vitamin C IV is the best thing to cure whatever is getting your goose. Taking a whole bottle of Vitamin C cannot do what one IV of C can. Thank goodness my father-in-law always has  on hand when you need it. Dickey said he would come in to town, but they had been on the road all day, so after my caramel reached 248 degrees--yes, the recipe was that specific--I hopped in the car out to Kingsland. Dickey hooked me up and I drove back home. I told them I would be running unless I had a fever, which is a big no-no to run and overheat combined with a fever. After the IV went through, Logan unhooked me and I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up, thinking I would be just fine. (Denise Rhodes and I planned to leave for the Marathon Expo early Saturday afternoon...) I also dreamt in the night Dickey put two cans of Fanta orange soda in the IV, and it gave me the boost to make me 100% well! (Nuts, I know....) Maybe the dream came from vitamin C---orange, orange---orange soda? I don't know....
So I woke up about 5 AM, ready to pack. I really felt good, and felt like I had completed a tough workout. (I know---we runners are sadistic.) I still was not convinced I was sick. However, I decided to take my temperature because I had been sleeping under a quilt and mounds of blankets. (Even without a fever, the IV tends to make people cold.) Darn. 102.5 degrees. I wouldn't be running on Sunday. Happy Valentine's Day.
At 8 AM, my fever was 101.2. I texted Dickey, saying I would need another vitamin C. I later talked to Denise, telling her the situation. I was BUMMED with a capital "B." The last of the series of races I was to do, with people I knew, and man, I'm sick. Anyway, I spent Saturday and today recooperating in bed. My fever broke today about noon. My appetite is back as of last night, and I am feeling better. Logan and Weiss went out to Kingsland yesterday to get out of the house so they wouldn't get sick, and because Cinda made Valentine's dinner. When Logan pulled up to the house last night, I was salivating, waiting on my steak. (A rare steak is one of my FAVORITE things....yes, it must be mooing and bleeding.) Anyway, I am going to check up on the girls that ran yesterday: Denise, Deanna, and Mindy. I was really looking forward to getting a finisher's shirt, so hopefully one of the girls "snuck" one for me. So much for the weekend plans!

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