Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pay the Postman...

The weirdest thing happened today, or at least I thought it was bizarre. I thought if someone didn't have the right amount of postage, the mail wouldn't go through, right? If the postage was off, it would be returned to the sender. Or, sometimes the incorrect amount of postage sometimes makes it through. Anyway, on with the story. The postman here around Meadowlakes usually runs very early. Saying this, he can run anywhere from 11 AM to 1, but usually before we lunch. Anyway, it was a dreary day outside and it was 2 o'clockish, and I had Mr. Weiss in my lap in the chair for an attempt at a nap. As a mom, it is frustrating when the doorbell/phone rings during the precious naptime hours, especially if it is something as mundane as the mail or, if it's the phone, a telemarketer call. Oh--the Austin American-Statesman calls all of the time, too. ANYWAY--the postman rang the doorbell, which he usually does when he delivers something that won't fit in the mailbox, which is often. Then, he began to knock on the door. (He knew I was home because he could see my feet reclining with Weiss in the chair through the side window of the door.) So I got up, answered the door. 
He asked, "Do you have 41 cents?" 
I was sort of in a daze; I had been catnapping while Weiss was humming to himself. 
"The postage wasn't correct on this card." (It was a singing Elmo Valentine's card my parents sent to Weiss. Mom typically gets the postage right; they have a computerized postal scale at work and a postage machine.) 
"Yeah, let me go out to my car." (Spare change in the console)
Anyway, I've never had the postman ask me for change when the mail gets through. Mom had put a 59 cent postage note on the card, but he still needed 41 cents EXACTLY. Anyway, I just found this funny. 
When I went out to the car, the postman waited, while Weiss opened the front door and came out on the porch. We went back in the house, and sat down, trying to get him to nap AGAIN.
He begins to doze off, when the doorbell rings AGAIN.
It's the UPS man. Weiss bolts awake.
So much for the nap. I just gave up.

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