Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weiss's New "Pets"

For quite some time, I have been wanting to get Weiss some fish. Something simple, no tank involved. So a few weeks ago, we got two betas at Walmart. (Even the cashier told me, "Next time you buy, go to the fish store down the road. These won't last long from here....") Anyway, "red fish" and "pink fish" are their names (self-explanatory, since a two-year-old named them). They live "side by side" in a double beta plastic tank, with a little blue plastic divider you can raise so the betas can see each other through the clear plastic and "puff up." The tank is small enough Weiss can carry it around, but big enough he could drop it very easily. The betas now reside on a high perch, since Weiss cannot be content with just watching them; he has to carry around the miniature tank. I do, however, get the betas down when I feed them for Weiss to look at. This afternoon, the fish were eating their food where Weiss could see, and I walked over to the back door, in deep thought about where I was going to plant my spring flowers along the fence line outside. (I could see Weiss if I turned slightly, but I was "deep in thought...") 
I heard him saunter down the hall and saw he had the cover to the tank. I looked, and saw there was no "red fish" in his side of the tank. I went over to the table the fish tank was on, and lo and behold, red fish was flopping on the table top. I quickly put him back in the tank. I believe he escaped from this episode unscathed, albeit traumatized. I'm sure that was quite a blow to his little fishy ego. "Pink fish," his tank mate, got a kick out of that one, I'm sure. Frankly, I'm surprised Weiss could pick up, let alone CATCH---one of those slippery, squirmy things. Ahh, the interesting daily episodes we have!!! And this is only with ONE child!!!! 

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