Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I've been a bit lazy lately....

Okay---I know I've been getting lazier on posting to the blog. But honestly, not much exciting has happened. Just same old, same old here. I'm sure there will be more going on in the weeks to come (and when it is WARMER again), but we've been relatively "low key" here lately. Logan and I had the opportunity to be "childless" Friday evening (Dickey and Cinda kept Weiss) and have an evening with Matt and Kelley Homeyer. We went to eat at the Texas Pizza Company in Burnet, to Starbucks, and then to see "The Reader." It was a fun evening. Saturday I had the pleasure of sleeping in (until 8:30 AM--woo hoo!)... No "long run" on Saturday morning. I have been very LAZY since the marathon and have not been doing any kind of exercise whatsoever. Not good.
Anyway, Weiss and I spent the afternoon together after Cinda returned him home and Logan and I watched "American Gangster" with Denzell Washington that evening. It was great. Sunday was church, and I was feeling down with allergies, so Logan played with Weiss and took him outside while I moped around and did nothing but sneeze and snort. Yesterday I was feeling better (besides the sneezing). Because Logan is out of town on Monday evenings, Weiss and I went to Karen and George Gurganus's home to keep their two kiddos, Clayton and Anna, while they went to see the MFHS production of "Music Man." We had a good time, and I'm glad we kept the kids. It really perked up a boring Monday. Weiss and I came home and he went right off to bed. 
This morning was CBS Bible Study at Kingsland, as is every Tuesday morning. Weiss really, really loves his teachers there, and they are absolutely great with him. I always look forward to the study, as well. I love my core group and how much I learn from a collective study with others. We are studying Genesis, and it has been so very interesting. He's napping as I type, and we are heading to Home Depot when he wakes to buy paint for our bedroom. Yes, I am finally getting some stuff accomplished around the house!!!! 
I know it's a "play by play," but that's really all of what's been going on.... Ahh---the glorious life of a mommy/housewife/cook/cleaning lady...... Those "Real Housewives of Orange County" don't have nuthin' on me!!! haha

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