Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Picture Update....

Wow.....He's actually smiling. But Daddy is tired, so he's not.
Showing his pearly whites.
Coloring with his cap and passy.
Posing this afternoon.

Okay, I know I need to be better about adding pictures. Here are some from quite recently, including today. Weiss does not take a "passy" anymore, but occasionally he will ask for one to chew on. (And, quite frankly, I think he looks so cute with a passy in his mouth--there's not much "baby" left in him!) So the last time he asked for a passy, he also asked for his "hat," a hunter's safety orange Abilene Zoo hat. This is so bizarre, but so funny.... He did the same thing today. So I caught a few pictures of him with his passy and his hat.

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Maddie Dean Photography said...

he is adorable! Love the passy with his neon orange hat!!