Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another GREAT book....

Okay---WHY do I always have this problem?!?!? I wish I could just READ all day..... This book is AWESOME! I wanted to read it because of our Genesis bible study at CBS.... We have been studying Genesis since September, chapter by chapter, and I have been quite interested in the patriarchs. My mother-in-law also has read it back several years ago and said it was great. So this story is a fictional biblical account of the story of Jacob, Essau, Issac, Rebecca, Joseph (and his coat of many colors), Rachel, Leah, and all of the other family members told through the only daughter of Rachel, Dinah. She is only briefly mentioned in the bible, but her story is sad but interesting.

This book takes the biblical account and fictionally "reads" into it. All of the plot is based upon scripture, but Anita Diamont "fills in the gaps," if you will! She has done her research in this book; she understands the lifestyle, traditions, medicine, and beliefs of the day.

VERY, VERY good and well written; I can't put it down!

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Katie K said...

Great book! So amazing to read the emotions behind the characters' actions. Thanks for turning me onto Water for Elephants too! Am almost finished with it after the trip to and from Abilene.