Saturday, April 11, 2009

World's Largest Dog Walk.....

Well, we've had a fun weekend so far! Yesterday, Logan got home and we worked in the yard (which I LOVE---by the way) and then ordered Chinese take-out. We all decorated an Easter bunny cottage for Mr. Weiss. As much as he loves gingerbread houses, it'll probably still be here until the fourth of July....

He really had a great time decorating, and Logan and I enjoyed it, too.

This morning, we got up early to swing by Starbucks for breakfast and head in to Austin for the "World's Largest Dog Walk" to benefit the Service Dogs of Texas. This was the 11th annual walk, and it was SUPER fun! Austin once held the Guiness Book of World Records title for "world's largest dog walk," and we'll see in a few days if they reclaimed it this year....

Weiss enjoyed being in the jogging stroller and checking out all of the dogs. I had a smile on my face the entire time because there were so many funny, silly, unique dogs! (And of course, all of the funny and sometimes disgusting things that dogs do.)

And the trip wouldn't be complete without Zoey. After all, the race didn't charge per person; they charged PER DOG! She had a blast sniffing around, and her tail was going 90 miles an hour the entire 3 miles! It was a nice, cool day, and although I heard there were not enough water stops last time, there were MORE than enough this year! Volunteers were on nearly every corner handing out bottled water, and there were 6 water stops along the 3 mile route where volunteers were pouring water in bowls just for dogs. (There were even dog swimming pools, and several dogs were taking full advantage of this!)

Afterwards, Zoey made off with a haul of loot: a special "medal"/collar tag for her saying she was in the "World's Largest Dog Walk," two small bags of IAMS dog food, a full-size bag of Purina ONE treats, a full size bag of Beggin' Strips, some other assorted treats and milk bones, and everything except the IAMS was courtesy of HEB! (Thank you!!! HEB is always so supportive of local events that I've been involved with and they ALWAYS give out great freebies.....)

Afterwards, we went to Cissi's Market/Wine Bar on Congress Ave. and had a yummy breakfast/brunch as a family. We left and were going down Congress and saw Meera's band.... (we recognized their costumes....pretty cool).... we turned around and went to visit. They were going to be in the dog parade. There were some hilarious dog outfits, which I included my favorites (the Chippendales) here. We left because it was starting to get pretty crowded and we had some stuff to get done at home. We were visiting with a woman with a cute pug and she was wearing a funny shirt: "Sex, Pugs, Rock 'n Roll...." (Cinda needs that one!)

It was a great day! We took a back road home from Spicewood that was really beautiful and stopped to see a group of longhorns along the way. We then went to HEB to get Easter dinner. Now we're all at home, watching the Master's Tourney. FUN DAY!!!!!

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