Friday, April 24, 2009

SNAKES x 2!!!!

So not much has happened since I have been ill. However, Logan came home last night, which was great. He kept his distance from his ailing wife; even when taking precautions, we are always "great" about passing things to each other. So Cinda and Dickey still have Weiss. I think we are going to get him late this afternoon or this evening. Lo wanted me to "disinfect the house" and "get some rest" this afternoon before we got the little man. So--I vacuumed and went around wiping down everything I could think of that I had touched in the past few days with Clorox wipes. I bleached our sheets (thankfully they're already white!) and "Lysoled" the bathroom and kitchen. Ahh! I felt like I could have my piano lesson with McKenna today, so Nancy and the girls came over.

As I was walking them out to their car in the front of the house, Rachel saw A SNAKE in the flowerbed, under Weiss's window. It was not your typical "tiny" snake that you see in flowerbeds, either. It slithered around the corner of the house quickly, and disappeared into an area in between the bricks and foundation of the house. As I walked over there, ANOTHER SNAKE was slithering in the grass. All four little girls said in unison, "There's ANOTHER SNAKE!!!!" Although this one was small, it still gave me the creeps. After the girls left, I called Logan to make an executive decision. Should I (gulp) kill the snakes if I could find them? YES--he said... He didn't care if they were "good or bad" snakes.... He didn't want to take a chance. And I agreed.

So---never having killed a snake before, I grabbed the big shovel from the garage. I went over to where the snakes were, and the small snake was still sunning in the grass. I bopped him with the shovel. I know it may not be humane, but with Weiss and his small buddies around, I don't want to chance it. And being only one block from the lake, I am always paranoid that a snake may be a cottonmouth or some other mean water snake. Or a copperhead. Or a coral snake. Or a rattlesnake. Or a cobra. (Just kidding.) (I know.... I have the "Doomsday" scenario with snakes. You get the picture.)

Anyway, I went inside and although I didn't even come close to touching the snake, I felt dirty after I had killed it. I washed my hands with soap several times.

But about the other snake that escaped: I am assuming it is some type of grass or rat snake, but I am not sure. Little Rachel said it was "cream and green" in color. Does anyone know--for my peace of mind--what kind it could be?


lexy said...

Courtney!!!!!!!! You do realize this is my worst nightmare! I can't believe you were brave enough to come within shovel distance of the thing!!! I hope this never happens to me... I will die!

Julia said...

WOW! I can not believe that you had the guts to go over there and kill it! I don't think I would have even been able to do that! You Go Girl!!

I have no clue what type of snake is cream and green, but I think you did the right thing. Not worth taking chances just to save a slithery snake. Yuk...I'm getting creeped out just thinking about them!