Thursday, April 23, 2009


I consider myself a healthy person, but this year alone, I have been sick THREE TIMES!!!! It is quite frustrating, especially when you have children; you don't want them sick, but you need time to recover. So anyway, when I was at Mom and Dad's (or BePaw and LuLu's) this last week, I slept in the bed with Weiss. He is a CRAZY sleeper, and Logan and I are not. I am also a heavy sleeper, so when I am with Weiss, I wake up ALOT because he thrashes around and makes noises and kicks me in the night. Anyway.....

I attributed my slightly sore throat to the West Texas weather--which always gets me--and my slight exhaustion and soreness to sleeping with Weiss and being kicked. On Tuesday afternoon, Weiss and I return home, and I get many things done around the house. I assemble the compost, I pull weeds in the yard, I do laundry, I unpack our carload of stuff we brought home.... Weiss and I were pumped because Hannah and the girls and the two of us were going to the Austin Zoo in the morning! Weiss went around all evening singing a song he knows about the zoo and talking about the different animals. He was super excited. So I put Weiss down for the evening, talking to him even more about our fun day in the morning, hop in the shower, and get in bed. I can't go to sleep. I also attribute this to my massive intake of caffeinated beverages when I am driving...

And then the lovely chills began. I toss and turn all night. I wake up about 5:30 AM and check my temperature. And remember, Logan is STILL out of town at the Pankey Institute, so my in-house medical consultant was no where to be found. My temp is 101.2. LOVELY. I am home alone, with my kiddo, whom I had made a promise to go to the zoo with, and I am sick. And of course, I don't want him sick, and I can't just quarantine myself. So I call the in-laws. PRAISE THE LORD for family that lives near and are always ready to help. (And YES, Mom---I know if you and Dad lived closer you would, too!!!)

At about 9:30, Cinda comes to get Weiss so I can spend my day in quarantine with my big goofy dog. She brought me some Vitamin D and some sublingual Texas flu suspension to take. (By the way, it is so crazy how dogs know when you feel bad. Zoey always follows me around, but she has been especially underfoot since I've been sick.) I spend all day in bed, dozing on and off and watching 1980s classics like "Back to the Future," "Gremlins," and "Wall Street." I also watched "So I Married An Axe Murderer." Super funny! (Mind you, I had to play each movie about 2 times because I would doze off, and I STILL didn't catch most of the movies!!!)

I was craving sweet potatoes all day, and they were the only thing that sounded good. I had some in the kitchen, but I felt so bad, I didn't want to get up and cook. Hannah called and told me she was bringing over dinner. (THANK YOU, HANNAH!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!) And guess what??? Not only was dinner great--I ate it ALL--but there were the most wonderful sweet potatoes on my plate with coconut!!!!! I've never had them that way, and they were INCREDIBLE!!!

Anyway, Dickey came over later to give me a vitamin C IV at about 7:30. He said he would come back to take it out when it was finished, but I didn't want him to drive into town (our house is about 15 minutes from their lake house). So when the IV finished at 1:00 AM, I took it out! It wasn't bad at all!!!

Anyway, so I am still running a bit of a fever, but my appetite is somewhat back. I still have aches and a MAJOR, constant headache, but I should be fine by tomorrow. Cinda is keeping my little dude until tomorrow, and Logan will be back tonight!!!!

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Candace said...

I have been sick way more this year than last year. I'm blaming it on Layton being in daycare! I'll be so happy when finals are over and he can be at home again. I hope you get to feeling better!