Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Houston is Almost Here......(gulp)

Hello, all! I hope you are finding yourself warm and cozy this week; it has been some crazy weather! It's so cold in the morning, and yet it's warm enough for Weiss to go outside or to the park comfortably in the afternoons.... bizarre! That's Texas for you, though!
We've had a pretty low-key week so far; Weiss and I went to the Marble Falls Library for the first time today with Hannah, Sophia ("Phia" as Weiss calls her) and little Gabriella. We used to go to our local San Antonio Library nearly every week, and it really spoiled us (and ME), because you could get anything under the sun from all the availability of the SA library network. However, the Marble Falls Library was okay, and we'll be back, for sure! Weiss was in a rambunctious mood today in the library (very loud and running everywhere), so I don't know what I would have done without Hannah helping me when I was registering for a library card! Anyway, we went to HEB and then to Hannah's house to play for a bit. Last night, I got to watch the ONLY reality show I succumb to: AMERICAN IDOL!!!! I was sooooo excited for it to be back on, but since Logan and I don't have DVR/TiVo right now (just basic cable---yuck!), we can't record/rewind to critique the songs/rewatch. It's not so cool right now, but hopefully, before the finals, we'll have some "other" arrangement.... I will definitely be tuned in tonight....I am going to speed home from choir practice!!!!!
Naptimes are back to normal! HOORAY!!!! I am so happy.... That was a big challenge, and although Weiss still fights them, I fight back.... he desperately needs his daily nap or he is Mr. Cranky Pants later in the evening!!! My parents are coming down this weekend to keep Weiss when Logan and I go to Houston early Saturday morning. They are coming on Friday and staying until Monday. (Or at least Mom is for sure---they are taking separate cars in case Dad gets busy in the funeral home. I know that may sound weird and morbid to some of you, but get over it!!!! Haha!!!) I am running in my last marathon for a while---the Houston Marathon. I am excited, but somewhat nervous. It will be fun to people watch and experience the race, but it IS 26.2 miles, so I am a bit apprehensive. So if you are reading this, I could use some prayers Sunday morning from about 7AM to noon.......(Thanks!) I'll keep you all updated and send some pictures your way.... I know I've been bad about posting pictures lately.... :(


Maddie Dean Photography said...

That is sooo awesome that you're running in the Chevron marathon!!! Wish I could get around church stuff and come cheer you on! Maybe I'll do some sweet talking to hubby!

Blaire said...

Good Luck this Sunday...even though you won't need it! Jarvis and I will keep you in our prayers this week, I am sure 26.2 miles is intimidating, but you are awesome and will do great!!