Saturday, January 24, 2009

Adventures in Motherhood (Day 2)......

Well, today started like any other day. I didn't go to MOPS in San Antonio because, quite frankly, I didn't want to make the long drive there and back with a two year old. (I have a guilt complex of him "tethered down" in his carseat, even if he is watching a movie...) I also started teaching piano lessons again, so I was anticipating my student this morning. However, her mom called and said she and her sisters had a fever and sore throats. So Weiss and I decided to get some work done around the house. We read some books, played in his room, and stacked some blocks for awhile. I needed to run to Home Depot right before lunch to get some new light globes for the half bathroom I am painting, so we made a quick run there and stopped by Arby's and got roast beef sandwiches to take home. 
After we ate lunch, Weiss and I did our typical afternoon nap. However, I noticed he slept much later than usual--three hours instead of the normal one or two. I got up to do a few things and then sat back down in the recliner with Weiss. All of a sudden, without warning, he began getting sick. (WARNING (again): If you are squeamish, you may not want to read this!!!) I caught most of it with the blanket, and it was a lot!! It got on the floor, on the leather chair, all over Weiss, and all over the blanket. I immediately took him to the bathroom for a bath. By this time, he was saying, "Hands, hands!" (He doesn't like his hands dirty.) We ran two sets of bathwater--one to clean off the gunk, and the other for him to play in. However, he threw up in the bathwater, as well. So I took out all of the toys and put some "fresh" ones in the bath. The yucky ones were going to soak in a bleach water bath before their next use....
Weiss seemed to be feeling okay, so I called Logan (who is in Dallas for a dental convention), Cinda, and my mom to tell them the news. All the while, Weiss was happily playing in the bathtub with me watching. 
After I got Weiss out, I felt brave enough to venture to Walmart for some Pedialyte, snacks, and a movie. I usually don't let Weiss watch a movie in the car when we are in town, but I let him watch Veggie Tales. He seemed happy, even though I put a big towel in his lap in the car and in the basket in the store. We got home with no incidents! He wanted some Ritz crackers, so he had a "dinner" consisting of crackers and Gatorade (it was already in his cup before I had the Pedialyte). Weiss played, I read to him, brushed his teeth, and he went down easily. I checked on him a few times throughout the night, and he was doing well. I finished painting the half bath, and it looks great. I really like the color.
Anyway, this morning, Weiss got up, greating me in his bed, jumping up and down, going "Boing, boing!" He had Elmo juice, Goldfish, and some more Ritz crackers. However, he still must have a touch of virus because his diapers are not "solid," if you know what I mean. So Kelley, I'm sorry to call off our movie night! I was really looking forward to seeing a movie and hanging out! We'll take a raincheck! (Kelley Homeyer and I were going to have a girl's night out, and Kaili Dellinger was going to babysit for me....) I have been frantically cleaning the "germy" house---doing laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, you name it! So it has been a good day to play catch-up! 

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