Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Adventure...

This weekend has been not so fun for me.... As of yesterday, Weiss is over his stomach bug. He only threw up on Friday, but still had some leftover tummy trouble until about 1 PM yesterday. Although I stayed in my PJs (because I was scared to expose anyone to the virus, including the babysitter--I had to cancel my movie night with Kelley), I felt great and got some cleaning done, some laundry, and some other things. Hannah knew I couldn't leave the house (because of Weiss's continued tummy troubles and Logan being gone), so she brought me my new favorite drink from Starbucks. Thanks so much!!! Weiss didn't take a nap because I didn't want to sit down with him and cause him to get upset. He was feeling so much better, and I was worried if he would cry, he would possibly get sick again. So by about 6 PM, he was falling asleep in my arms. I gave him a quick bath and put him down to bed at 7. He was a bit fussy, but by this time, my stomach was, too.
Well, that was perfect timing, because at 7:15, I began to get sick..... YUCK..... Thank goodness Kelley and I didn't go to the movie; that would have been AWFUL....I was sick on and off until about 11:30, but my stomach churned all night, and I couldn't sleep. I got on Facebook at 4 AM this morning because I was bored in bed. I slept from 6 AM to 8, though. I hated to miss church because the choir was singing several songs today and there was a brunch, so I wish I could have been there.... Anyway, Weiss basically watched movies all morning and had Goldfish (I was still worried about him eating "solid" food) while Mommy was a zombie. Sweet Royann Williams brought Weiss and I some food after church; thanks so much, Royann--it made my day! Weiss loved his Schlotzsky's pizza! 
This afternoon, Weiss and I took a LONG nap!!! (We slept from 1 to 5 PM---YESSSS!) Now, I am starting to feel better.... This afternoon I had to miss the Mom to Mom spring semester kickoff, which I was really looking forward to! However, I would not want to expose anyone to this fun stuff we've had! Logan is currently on his way in from Dallas, and he doesn't want the gunga, either......


Mark & Terra said...

Oh yuck Courtney!! I am so sorry. Last February, Mark, Hudson, and I all had the stomach bug at the same time. Ours got so bad, that Mark and I both ended up in the ER because we could not stop throwing up. I had just found out I was pregnant with Jack. It was NUTS!!! I think these moments in motherhood make us so much TOUGHER!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,

This is Rebecca Soleyn, and I found your blog when I was over at Sam & Lucy's, looking at the Christmas cards they had received. I have been keeping up with your blog since then, but thought I'd say hi.

In the last year, Nick has gotten into running, and will be running in the Austin Marathon on Feb 15th. I thought I'd send you the link to our blog in case you were interested in keeping up with us.

Hope all is well with you, Logan, and Weiss.