Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weekend is Upon Us!!!!

It's hard to believe another week has gone by, and here we are in 2009.... Our little man is growing by the minute, and he is talking more and more. He puts several words together in groups--kind of a "quasi sentence." He's so much fun and more entertaining and outgoing as he grows.
Last night, Mia (Cinda) and Brian and Debbie Davenport came over to see Weiss. It was Brian and Debbie's first time to see Weiss, and he was really hamming it up! He was in his Elmo pajamas and found his safety orange "Abilene Zoo" cap and was wearing it around the house. To top it off, he found a passy in his room, and had it in his mouth part of the time. I should have taken a picture.... Silly kiddo! They really got a kick out of him!
Today, Weiss and I went to my MOPS24 group at our old church in San Antonio (Community Bible) and got to see many "old" friends. And it seems EVERYONE is pregnant with baby #2 (or even #3 for some)..... Anyway, you girls KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Rhonda and Pete Bauerlein spoke today about marriage, and they are incredible speakers.... They have three daughters, and I have been blessed to know two of them at CBC--Aimee and Brittany, both awesome people. I have heard them before and remember them being good, but today really hit home. They truly exemplify a Godly marriage and the perfect complement of husband and wife.... Aimee, thanks for sharing your parents with us today at MOPS, and thanks for listening during the "swimming" lessons!!! Haha! (Sorry guys---it's a MOPS inside joke...)
Anyway, Weiss and I went to SuperTarget, got Starbucks and came on home, where we then met with Daddy and went to the park. We fed the ducks, and I sure wish I had brought along my camera.... The lighting was beautiful this evening and the male mallard ducks were in. I had never seen any before at Johnson Park. Weiss had a great time. He ran around and burnt off some energy, or so we thought.....We ran into the Homeyers and their dog, Max. I am SO EXCITED they are expecting and can join the "parents" club!!! Yeah!!! They are such fun people and we appreciate their friendship. Anyway, we got home and ate, and Weiss talked to B-Paw and LuLu on the iChat... He loves it and was showing off and bouncing off the walls. Logan finally got the little man asleep. He is so much fun and keeps us on our toes.... 

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