Friday, January 23, 2009

Adventures in Motherhood.....

Weiss throwing food to a big bison.....
Weiss and the zebras....
The exotic deer kept nibbling him at the petting zoo, but he thought it was funny...
Sophia and Weiss----how cute!!!

Yesterday (Thursday) Weiss and I had a lot of fun..... I woke up and ran with Lexy for the first time since the marathon; I feel pretty much fully recovered now!!!
Later in the morning, Weiss and I went to the Exotic Animal Zoo with Hannah, Sophia and Gabriella, right outside of Johnson City off Highway 281. We've always passed by it, but I'm glad we actually went, because it was really fun, and we all plan to go back and stay in the cabins there. Anyway, we all arrived at about 11:15 AM and had a sack lunch with the kiddos. In the play/eating area, you can walk around and see lemurs, a big male turkey and a female, and a large pen of African pygmy goats with plenty of cute babies. Sophia and Weiss really enjoyed walking around and checking out the animals. After we ate, you can go in a large pen--the "Petting Zoo." There were plenty of exotic deer (which were tame), llamas, and goats. There was the cutest baby llama that was only one week old.... Weiss really liked it, and he enjoyed petting the animals. He laughed when they would come up to him and nibble on his clothes, which smelled like food! After this, we loaded up in a modified trailer behind a Kubota tractor to go see the BIG animals!
Right after we crossed the cattle guard, there were HUGE buffalo. We had a large bucket of feed, and so we had plenty of treats to give them.... Their tongues were very long, slimy and raspy, kind of like a giraffe's (for those of you who have been to the Abilene Zoo and fed the giraffes). There was also a camel named "Goober" which followed alongside the trailer and stuck his long neck inside to get another person's feed bucket. He knew all the tricks of the trade.... There were plenty of exotic cows and llamas, emus and gazelle. We also had the opportunity to see an ostrich egg, which had been laid out in the pasture. The guide said it was the first one of this year. I enjoyed seeing the ostriches---they were SO BIG!!! Typical of the animal world, the male was the "beautiful" one--his name was Elvis. The two mature females were Priscilla and Lisa Marie. There were some juvenile ostriches running around, but they were smaller. There were also African goats and a type of Indian cow, which was cinnamon in color and hairy, with small horns. We also saw zebras, which immediately ran up to the trailer for food. The guide explained they are very social and LOVE food and a good back scratch. Hannah, the girls, Weiss and I had a good time!!!!
Weiss and I made it home in time to see Daddy off to Dallas. He had a dental convention and continuing education this weekend, so he'll be gone until Sunday. After Logan left, I decided to re-pot some small plants in the kitchen while Weiss was laying in the floor watching Sesame Street. I had just changed his diaper, and I could see him laying there, quietly. In a few minutes, however, he ran up to me, saying, "Hands, hands!" 
(WARNING: If you are squeamish, do not read on....) He was wearing a onesie, and stuck his hands in his diaper, which he had just pooped in. He had poo all over his hands, and had touched his feet, as well. I immediately stuck him in the bath. It was really gross. Aaaahhhh, the joys of being a mom..... I cleaned him up, and we went to Home Depot to get some more rose bushes and flowers.
Since Weiss didn't have a nap, he fell asleep on the way home. I let him sleep with the car running while I ran in to heat some brie to take to dinner at the Homeyer's. We were celebrating a late "birthday" dinner for Matt Homeyer. Logan was disappointed he didn't get to make it... Kelly made HOMEMADE chicken-fried steak, and George and Karen Gurganus and kiddos Anna and Clayton were there to play with Weiss. We had a great time.... Logan and I  always love spending time with these two families, who where some of the first people we met here in Marble Falls! Anyway, Weiss and I left so he could get in bed. I stayed up late, painting the first coat of paint in our half bath. (I have been recently inspired to begin painting....) 
All in all, it was a very fun day! As a mom, I have learned you take the good with the "bad." I would much rather have poop on the hands than a cranky, unhappy kiddo. (For some of you, this may sound absurd, but a mom knows....)

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