Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well, it WAS a Happy New Year, until our crazy day....

WHOA!!!! Today has been "one of those" days.... And I mean crazy.... Granted, we had no where to be or really to do, but let me fill you in......
Logan, Weiss and I slept in, planning to spend a lazy day at home watching the Rose Bowl (I mean "Logan" watching the Rose Bowl, while Courtney reads a book....) and eating our black-eyed peas. My alarm went off as usual: 5:30 AM. I decided to sleep in because I thought we could go on a "family run" today, since my two running buddies are in Houston for a marathon. Anyway, we out Weiss in the jogging stroller, put Zoey on a leash, and leave the house at around 11:00 AM. On the way out, Logan said he was going to lock up. Since we had not left from the front door, it was deadbolted shut, along with the back door. Logan left through the garage door, stepping over the sensor so the door would shut behind him.
At 11:50ish, we return. The house is locked. We are locked out. Logan thought the front door was open because he didn't realize I had locked the door last night (in our ridiculous neighborhood, there's no need to really lock your door because of the anal guards at the front gate...they practically get your Social Security number if you don't live in Meadowlakes). I was paying attention to Weiss, so I didn't tell him the front door was locked; I was oblivious at the time when he locked up. Anyway, our phones, keys, and everything are in the house. We had a spare hidden, but it was not in its place because Logan loaned it to a repairman, it was returned, but never made its way back to spot outside... 
So--the only other option is his family lakehouse in Kingsland, which had a spare. Thankfully, his mom is there. Since we don't park in the garage because of our disorganization, we can get to Logan's car, which has a spare set of keys inside. After unlocking his car with the touchpad (thank the Lord for those!!!) we retrieve the spare set of keys and head out of Meadowlakes. We get in the car, along with Zoey dog, and I am hounding on him because I thought he knew I locked the door at night, he should have checked it, et cetera. Logan crawls through a four-way stop. I didn't even realize it. A city cop sees it. We get pulled over in the middle of town. (Oh--by the way, Logan's ID is locked in our house.) 
One of my friend's husbands from our Mom to Mom Bible study is a city cop. I had never met him because he is always on call when she's at church or when we've met at the park with the kiddos. I asked Logan, "Does it say 'Officer Pedrazas' on his patrol car?" He said, "yup." He was very nice, and of course, he asked for Logan's license, and Logan didn't have it. Kuddos for Logan, he knows his Texas DL #, which I need to memorize myself. Anyway, I pulled the "I know your wife and little girl from church" card as quickly as I could. (Jessica, if you happen to be reading this, I'm sure you're used to this by now with people you know....)WE GOT OFF WITH A WARNING!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
As we were pulling away from the cop to head out of town (Kingsland is still about 15 miles away), Logan realizes we are out of gas. Not "50 miles until empty," either. Like "running on fumes" empty. His car's computer couldn't give an estimate for how "empty" it was. Thankfully, we have to drive by HEB, which has the cheapest gas in town, along with SuperWalmart. (They always have price wars going on with gasoline.) We have no means of paying, so we find enough loose change in the car to scrap up about three dollars. 
We get to Kingsland, and thankfully, Cinda was there working on the computer, paying bills. She let us eat (what a blessing....I was getting hungry from no breakfast!). Despite her hospitality, there was NO SPARE at the lakehouse. We tried to call Dickey, but he was snowskiing in Taos, so we couldn't reach him on the slopes. So.....we called all of the people in town we thought would have spare keys, to no avail. 
We finally call an elderly neighbor who was friends with the woman who previously owned our home. Her husband answered. He said Jackie--his wife--was taking a nap. So I asked him if they had a spare to the house. He said yes!!! We could come by and get it. So--we head back to Meadowlakes, thinking our day of calamities is remedied.
I jump out of the car at Jackie's house to ask for the key. She answers the door. "I'm sorry; we don't have a key---he thought it was the other neighbor...." OH. So, we use her phone to call the locksmith, which he said he would come in 30 minutes. We wait over one hour. Keith from "Bill's Lock 'N Key" finally arrives, because he was swamped with the New Year's hullaballoo aftershock. It takes Keith over an hour (or more) to pick the lock....he said it was one of the most difficult locks he's seen in a LONG time. (Logan and I did enjoy visiting with him. But then again, we enjoy visiting with anyone. Don't get me wrong--he was an interesting dude.) Anyway, at 5:10 PM and $70 later, we reenter our home. 
I put Zoey in the shower with me because she had been "sweating" all day, and Logan is preparing the grill. YUM. We have the Rose Bowl on, and I am here, finally comfortable. 
At least today was a nice day to be locked out of our house, and Weiss was in a good mood. Anyway, WHAT A WAY to begin 2009!!!!

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lexy said...

This really was a crazy day!!! I'm tired just reading it!! haha!!