Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Just Full of Posts Today....

Goodness!!! This is what a lazy Sunday afternoon will do to you!!!! (Hey--at least I am getting caught up on blogging....)

And have you noticed the new background and font?

THAT took about thirty minutes for me to decide and get on my blogsite....

And I figured out how to do hyperlinks today. (I used two in my last post.

(Sorry, I just couldn't help myself......)

I'm trying to be better about posting pictures and images; hopefully, I will upgrade to video soon! I took down the RealPlayer for a bit.... (I'm sure you would be proud, Dad....)

Anyway, this week I found some 1980s goodness that used to fill my little ears for Mr. Weiss. Yes---that's right: Psalty.
(Did anyone else listen to the big blue songbook's music?) Does anyone remember the song, "If I Were A Butterfly?" That was my favorite on the first CD..... Psalty KidsPraise! albums were great, and they have a knack at helping little people remember Bible verses and other great life-building principles.... (However, I do realize Psalty sometimes gets a bad rap for his goofy costume.... As a matter of fact, I remember going in a closet growing up in my home church, and seeing an old Psalty costume that was used sometime in the early 80s, complete with foam pages for the hymnbook and a hole the actor's head popped out of.....)

I thought I was getting SUCH at deal at, but his music is MUCH cheaper at his own website: So I just wanted you moms to know...... I anticipate getting the music in so I can reminisce while Weiss enjoys his new music!!!!

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Julia said...

love the new background! Super cute! And yay for hyperlinks! :) It's SO much easier, huh?
Keep on posting, girl!