Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Article is Very Relevant... (WARNING: Rant)

As a former student of political science, political intern, and law school dropout, I do find myself interested in politics. I'm not as obsessive as I once was because I have OTHER things (Logan, Weiss, et cetera) to fill my time. However, I do credit my knowledge to Dr. Paul Fabrizio and Dr. Tina Bertrand... (The benefit of a small university is that I took EIGHT classes with Fabrizio and SIX with Bertrand... I really got to know them well!) They were really great professors and made learning something possibly so mundane, well, so...fun and interesting!

(Anyway, enough with my reminiscing!!!) (WARNING: The following contains my strong opinions!)

This article is very relevant with today's presidential situation. We all know the current domestic situation: taxation issues, the presidential push for universal health coverage-- and I may discuss the healthcare issue in a later post. (I've been really tempted to already, but haven't had time to condense my thoughts!) The international scene is shaky: relations with other countries (North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela) are unsteady, Honduras is having a major political upheaval, and the economy is causing a strain for everyone. The President has ALOT on his plate to deal with, domestically and internationally.

Although I've never been a big Obama fan because we have differences in our opinions, I still pray for him, his family, and his leadership of our country. The article shows President Obama's approval rating to be dropping rapidly; frankly, this is disturbing because if his approval goes down with the general American public, then the approval of our country in the eyes of other nations is certainly influenced in a negative manner.

Although Obama has the incredible benefit of working with a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate, the unity is fading even within the Democratic party because of so many different views regarding this vast, enormous piece of legislation to reform health care. My comment on this article is that Obama's polling numbers are only beginning to drop, but this debate is likely to become much, much, MUCH more heated--not just across party lines, but within Obama's own Democratic party. What I am saying is that his approval rating is likely to drop much further. (As I stated earlier, when his approval ratings drop, we ALL lose--Democrat, Independent, or Republican).

However, I do want to praise our president on the encouraging speech he gave during the latest NAACP convention.... (NOTE: It is a bit long, but is very inspiring....)


Candace said...

1) I love that you always warn that there will be a rant!
2) Thank you for posting this. I find it crazy the way people talk about the president sometimes. Regardless of which party you belong to, he is still your president.

Courtney Stanley said...

Thanks, Candace!!! Sometimes I should be better at keeping my opinions to myself, but it always feels better to vent on my blog!!! :)