Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Great Website.....

Okay---I just had to post this.....

My Memaw (my maternal grandmother) had a great talent of sewing. It wasn't just some little pastime; it was her living and profession. I grew up with her sewing many precious dresses for me on until very recently (the last thing she completely made for me was a beautiful, classic "Jackie O" type dress I wore to a formal wedding shower we had. I had purchased the fabric at a amazing custom fabric shop in Taos, NM.) Now that she's gone, no one in our family sews. and although I have never really sewed before, I am interested now. I want to learn how to make a simple shift dress (I need to go look for the pattern---it is very simple, and could be used for ladies, teens, or babies.... The pattern would look great with leggings, over jeans, or alone. (Go to to see what shift I am talking about.... By the way, check out Poppy Dip's blog, too---it is for a great cause (she's a Jesus-lovin' woman making dresses to pay for her childrens' adoption fees, and her dresses are super cute and a great price, for all of my friends with little girls!)

ANYWAY.... I just need to get my sewing machine set up and go for it, cold turkey. I want to order some funky fabric, and found this AWESOME retro fabric website from the UK..... I just emailed them to see what the international shipping will be here to Texas, and then I am going to place my order..... Take a look..... Here's the link: I want to make some pillows and attempt some other things eventually.

Here's some fabric I'm planning on ordering:

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