Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Recap......

I sure hope everyone had a great 4th holiday filled with fun, food, family, and FREEDOM!!! We had a great time with Logan's parents, my parents, and Logan's godparents (Brian and Debbie Davenport) at Lake LBJ. We spent Friday and Saturday in and out of the water, but not in the boat (because it was RIDICULOUSLY crowded this year). Lake Travis was down, the heat/humidity were CRAZY, and EVERYONE wanted to be out on the boat. So we'll just wait it out until a weekday or next weekend.... we can have a nice section of lake practically to ourselves so the guys can barefoot. We had a great time floating on this HUGE float that can hold around 10 people.... They had it tethered between the dock and the boatlift. Some of us got on it, and the wake was so crazy from the lake traffic we would slide off at times!!! It was great fun, nonetheless. Weiss enjoyed jumping off the dock to B-Paw (my dad) and Logan. We got some great video of that.

Something new this year was a great neighborhood block party. The neighbors down at the lake have always been pretty close, and they decided to combine festivities this year. Everyone cooked their own meat, but we combined the other things. It was a SMORGASBORD!!! There was even a salsa contest and washer contest--which I am proud to say, my hubby and father-in-law won! One of the families had several members in a family band, and they provided the music, which was really fun! Weiss enjoyed popping small fireworks this year; as a matter of fact, we had to go back to the stand two days in a row to stock back up! I had just as much fun as he did lighting and popping them!

The Homeyers came out last night to sit on the deck with all of us and watch the Kingsland, Horseshoe Bay, and neighbors' fireworks shows. Dickey and Cinda have the perfect spot on the lake to have a great view of the show without having to get out in the boat. However, that's the best part for me: watching the boats go up the lake to the fork in the Colorado and Llano. The boats all watch the fireworks parked together, and some boats are so close in the water you can walk boat to boat! It's fun when they all leave because the wake gets SO HUGE and the water white caps. Little boats really have a hard time. The water sloshes up over the seawalls, which are about 3 feet, and could knock you down if you were standing at the edge. However, we were looking down on all of this from the deck, which is on the second floor. A great ending to a fun weekend!

ANYWAY.... Today, Mom and Dad left, and Logan, Weiss and I took a Sunday afternoon nap! Mom and Dad also brought down my September birthday present early so I could use it: a new bike with a child's seat! (I'll do the trailer when we have more than one kiddo, but for now, I though the seat would let me maneuver more easily.) I was super excited! I really wanted one to change up my marathon training and for cardio, so we took it for a spin tonight and rode about 4 miles! Logan even got out his bike and aired up the tires. My old bike from middle school will be going to the library thrift store. My booty is a bit sore getting used to the seat, but I'll soon get used to it.... I really felt the burn with a heavy toddler behind me! It's so nice to do more miles and move more quickly in the heat so there's a nice breeze drying my sweat! Weiss kept saying, "This is fun!" He had a precious sea turtle helmet on, which he is quickly outgrowing!

Speaking of "outgrowing" things, this weekend, Dad and Logan took down the baby bed rail to Weiss's bed and put up the toddler rail! It was a bittersweet moment for me to see him one step closer to being a "big boy...." However, it will mean easier sleep for me, because he can come knock on the door to our room (which he already does when I am doing homework) and get out of bed on his own. I won't have to worry about listening for his voice saying, "Mommy! Daddy! I want out of bed, please!"

Tomorrow, Weiss begins two weeks of swimming lessons. I hope he does well; they have moved him up to the older kids' class (3 and 4) because he already has taken lessons in San Antonio and jumps to us from the side of the pool/deck. I sure hope they let me stay in the water with him, or else he may not like it.... I'll keep everyone posted.....

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