Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7 Random Things About Me.....

Okay, Aimee! I am finally getting around to doing this.... I have been wanting to, but I have been sooooo lazy on blogging lately..... Here are seven random facts, in no particular order... (You all probably know some of them already....)

1. I REALLY love working in the yard. I find it extremely therapeutic.... Stress relief, calorie burn...all of that! (And it's great exercise, to boot!) This is something that is new for me and has happened over the past few years. I love learning about plants and taking care of them; they are like my babies! I've also gotten brave and we now have several citrus trees; they will live their lives in large pots because of the climate here.... We have a lime, Meyer lemon, lemondrop (a mandarin orange/lemon hybrid), a grapefruit, and manadrin orange trees! And we do get fruit from them! (They smell divine when they are blooming.....) I have really enjoyed this year because I can really work and get dirty while Weiss plays outside. He's also at that wonderful age where I can slip in a quick shower after I am all sweaty from working!

2. I want Weiss to have the most memorable childhood possible. (Of course, you have to learn boundaries and discipline at the same time.....) I know most parents feel this way, and I'm not alone in feeling this, however. We try to take a "field trip" at least once a week to do something out of the ordinary, and I try to do little things around the house to make him feel special. (I try to do a craft project or two each week so he'll learn and have fun....) We also take a weekly library trip, which he really enjoys. I am a cleaning fanatic, but it looks like I run a home daycare because of all of the "kid things" in our living area!!!! I love entertaining him, because I can be a kid again, too!

3. I love Chick-Fil-A. And Target. And Nordstrom. (Usually when I go to the "big city," I hit up all three.... hahaha) And for Weiss, my new favorite is Baby GAP.

4. I love my hubby. Even though we can drive each other crazy at times, he is my balance. The salt to my pepper. The yin to my yang. I love watching him be a daddy---it really pulls him out of his "shell...." (For example, he would NEVER want to eat at a kid's buffet line, go to a theme park, or surround himself with a bevy of children normally, but for Weiss, he'd do anything! I love that!) I am thankful that although we have slight differences, we see the BIG issues the same: spiritual issues, issues related to how we raise our kiddo, et cetera.

5. Building on #4, Logan and I live a bit differently than most. We cook most of our meals, and try to eat as hormone-, pesticide-, and artificial additive-free as we can. (Granted, when you eat out, that is another issue in itself. However, everything in moderation! We have to socialize..) This has been a gradual transition for me, but I am really into it now. It is a bit more expensive and time-consuming, but it tastes better and is healthier. I am thankful for a husband who has made me wacky, too!

6. I LOVE to read. I'm not just talking about just a book here and there. I'm talking a RIDICULOUS amount. I don't really like fiction (unless I've had several recommendations beforehand), but I tend to read nonfiction, historical, spiritual, and health-related books. I wish I could be a professional book reviewer and actually make MONEY off of my all-consuming hobby.....

7. If I could do anything, I would love to adopt internationally. Yes, I know the shpiel about adopting domestically, and that's wonderful and all, but with international orphans, one's life literally hangs on the brink. Adoption may be the very thing separating that child from life or death. I pray everyday that one day we will adopt one of our children internationally. After all, we are all orphans in Christ, and He has so graciously loved us and become our Father (James 1:27).

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