Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend of Fun....

Hello, Everyone! I blog to you today from the Stanley lakehouse... (Thanks, Dickey and Cinda!) We had some great friends from Logan's years in dental school over: Brett Shirley, Anna Windham, and Mark and Brooke Sumbera. We had a great time catching up and enjoying the lake.

I took Weiss to Mom and Dad's on Thursday for them to keep him over the weekend. I stayed overnight and left Friday morning. All of our friends arrived Friday evening. The Sumberas arrived from beautiful Victoria, where they both grew up. Mark practices dentistry with his dad (who ironically went to dental school with Logan's father!), while Brooke is a second grade teacher (and looks like Rachael Ray).... (Sorry, Brooke--I just had to throw that in!)

Brett and Anna were also in Logan's class. Anna and Brett brought their two dogs, Sassy and Dot. (We had Zoey out here, too!) Anna practices in Center (far East Texas) with her father. Her brother is also in dental school right now... Anna always has great recipes wherever she goes, so I got some great stuff from her this weekend! Brett Shirley is from San Antonio, and the crazy thing is HIS father was also in Dickey's class!!! (So it was Dickey Stanley, Malcolm Sumbera, and Jack Shirley all in one class... Brett, Logan, and Mark all were in the same class, as well! Anna was also in their class, but Anna's dad went to dental school in Houston--the rebel. haha) Brett is currently in an oral surgery program at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, which means he will graduate in 2014!!! For this program, he will receive his MD, as well, so he enjoyed a weekend at the lake, away from hospital rotations.... (Bless your heart, Brett!) So Brett and Anna are in it for the long haul!!!

Friday night we stayed up super late--just visiting. On Saturday, the guys smoked some meat (wonderful pork and chicken) and we spent lots of time on the boat with everyone tubing! We all put on sunscreen, but some of us got burned.... OUCH!!! The water was PERFECT and we had a great time looking at all of the great homes on Lake LBJ.... We came back in later in the afternoon and sat on the giant floatie out in the water....(It holds 8 to 10 adults!!!) We also took the kayak out and put Dot and Zoey in it.... Us girls went inside to visit and cook the side dishes while the guys went out to surf behind the boat. We had a wonderful dinner!!!

This morning, we got back out and tried surfing some more. Everyone did great, and we had a few good laughs!!! Logan and I are relaxing right now, waiting on his parents to bring Weiss home. (My parents met Dickey and Cinda at Bronte, who were coming back from Big Spring this weekend. Weiss hitched a ride home!) We're going to enjoy the last few hours of daylight on the boat, so I'll chat again later!

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sounds like just about a perfect weekend!