Saturday, November 22, 2008

A blackberry smile!
Weiss having blackberries for a snack! (Notice we stayed in our PJs...)
Weiss snuggling with his little red puppy before he woke sweet.
Our little family at the lighting of the city....
Daddy and Weiss. (There was a Clydesdale horse in the background---I wish it would have shown up....)

Well, we were supposed to have family portraits today, but because they were outdoors, the photographer thought it would be a better idea to postpone until Wednesday evening because it is so dreary and gray here right now. It is also the coldest it has been, so hopefully by Wednesday it will be a bit warmer weather.... (We'll see about that...)
Anyway, so we have had a lazy day around the house, which has been nice. Although I stay at home with Weiss, I have a bad habit of "overcommitment" with activities, so everyday there is usually something---or THINGS---to do. So today was a welcome break from the normal hustle. Tonight we are going (or shall I say LOGAN is going) to a Tech vs. OU party two streets down at Bob and Rhonda Clifton's home. They have been great friends and neighbors since we've been here; they are so kind and always have us over and help us with various things around the house. We had a water line break, and Bob knew just who to call. Logan was out of town, and I needed an AC repairman and the home warranty company was giving me problems, so Bob helped me out. They are super sweet people, and we are thankful for them! Bob was Dickey's (Logan's dad) big brother in their fraternity at Texas Tech, so their family goes way back. Weiss and I may drop in for a little while at the football fest, but it is not as fun watching football when I am chasing around the little man, because Daddy will certainly be glued to his beloved Red Raiders (and a Shiner Bock)...
Anyway, here are some pictures from last night and today. Enjoy!

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Blaire said...

Weiss is so cute in those pictures! Ok I'm going to be honest, when I first saw the title "Blackberry picture" I immediately thought "Did Logan and Courtney get rid of their iphones for blackberrys" Wow, this definitely is a new age!