Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Post.....Here Goes Nothin'.....

Okay....I am officially entering the blogging world--AGAIN. Terra C., Lexy H., Denisse W., and Katie K., you have all inspired me... We had a little blog thing going awhile back, but I got really lazy and didn't update---thus the new, improved blog. I hope to be MUCH better this time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the musings of our little family and my honest, candid approach to life and Weiss's digestive system. I'll try to keep you all reasonably updated. (Keyword: REASONABLY.)

I thought the name of our little blog should be Stanley, Texas. (Hey guys, make sure you don't abbreviate "Texas" in the URL bar or you won't reach our quaint little blog....) Our family loves the Tuna, Texas play series (if you haven't seen them, they will leave you in stitches!!!) and the nostalgic small town names of Texas, so what could be more appropriate and fitting???

There are interesting times ahead: the holidays, my first marathon, Logan's journey in his new career, Logan building his new office with his dad, potty training (gasp), dogs, grandparents, friends, faith, and Marble Falls---and who knows what other curve balls will be thrown at us??? We'll keep you posted.

You all know I'm never at a loss for words (unfortunately). But what I'm trying to say is I'm glad you came to visit. Visiting our blog is much, much easier than visiting our house at this moment. Let me just give you a snippet of what our house is like during these times: Elmo or Veggie Tales is playing 24/7, dozens of battery operated toys are littering the floor, and the faint smell of a toddler's diaper is fragrancing the air. I am frantically trying to do the laundry and get dinner ready in the oven, and I desperately need to put up the clean laundry. (I don't have a problem with washing, although it is the "putting up" that's a problem. I'm sure many of you can relate.) I have a paper due at midnight for my online course, and my babysitter broke my cooktop last night (yes--this DID shattered...I love her, though....she's great), so dinner is a Wal-Mart lasagna. Being a stay-at-home mom is definitely harder than my last (PAID) job of teaching a classroom full of hormonal, delinquent middle schoolers (at times).

Although this sounds crazy, I WOULDN'T TRADE MY WORLD FOR ANYTHING... Being a wife and mom is great, although sometimes chaotic, but I love it, and I am soooooo blessed by my faith, my husband, my kiddo, and all my family and friends.

So---what I'm trying to say is---I hope you enjoy! I love you all.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Courtney! How fun to read about your little world. Good luck on keeping it up. The pics of Weiss are adorable.

Hope your marathon training is going well. My running is minimal.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

denisse and emma said...

so glad to see your blog, Courtney! i totally agree about being a stay at home mom! keep up the posts and photos!

Mark & Terra said...

Courtney! Welcome aboard! I LOVE IT!!! Weiss is absolutely precious!! Love y'all!