Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay, Terra... I've never completed a "tag" before, but since it is from you and I'm trying to be faithful to my blog, here goes nothing!!!

1. "Dirty Jobs"
2. anything History Channel
3. "John and Kate Plus Eight"
4. any specials about the Duggar family on TLC (you know, the people with all of the kiddos!)
5. Survivorman
6. Bear Gryllis (sp?)---the "other" survivorman
7. anything Discovery Channel
8. "Family Guy"

8 FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: (NOTE--Logan and I are "foodies," so this is difficult and I know I'm really listing more than eight...and the list is always evolving...I had to only resort to different genres of food because we like to eat so much...)
1. anything Thai (Well, not anything...No buffets, please, and I want the cooks to be "authentic")
2. Cooper's (Llano location only) and Hard-8 BBQ (Brady, TX)
3. Perini Ranch (Buffalo Gap, TX)---Perini Zucchini and Bourbon Bread Pudding---YUMMO!!
4. dives with good homecooking: Mary's (Strawn, TX) and Bluebonnet Cafe (Marble Falls, TX)
5. Shilo's (San Antonio)---try the split pea soup and homemade rootbeer
6. gourmet: Silo's Elevated Cuisine (San Antonio, TX--chicken-fried oysters!!), the now deceased Cafe 909 (Marble Falls, TX), anything Wolfgang Puck, Olive's (Bellagio, Las Vegas), Stephen Pyles (Dallas), Biga on the Banks (San Antonio, TX), Bohannan's (San Antonio, TX)---ranked #2 steak in Texas by Texas Monthly
7. Mexican food: Casa Blanca (Big Spring, TX), Johnny's Restaurant (San Antonio, TX), La Paloma Blanca (San Antonio, TX), Ta Molly's (Abilene, TX)
8. good lunching---Central Market and Whole Foods cafes

1. pictures at ACU
2. poop diapers (3)
3. Target!!!!
4. ran into lots of people we knew in Abilene
5. Chick-Fil-A for dinner
6. read books to the kiddo
7. I blogged!!
8. visited with the parents

1. Thanksgiving with all the family and the Austin Turkey Trot
2. Christmas holidays and seeing Weiss get excited
3. Weiss's 2nd birthday
4. ski trip (???)
5. Houston Marathon
6. Austin Half (YES, Denise, Deanna, Mendy and Lexy, I signed up!!!!!)
7. finishing my current class--Christian Theology and Integrational Psychology--and starting a new one
8. colder weather

8 THINGS ON MY WISH LIST: (vanity items---be forewarned!!!)
1. a treadmill (Terra, I want one, too---especially before kiddo #2 so I have no excuse not to exercise)
2. P90X (also before kiddo #2---more exercise!)
3. a new pair of Birkenstocks
4. a Jennifer Behr crystal headband for those bad hair days
5. a Runner's World supscription
6. a maid to clean my house (all I need is once every 2 weeks---once a month deep clean)
7. trip to the Holy Land and Egypt
8. my ultimate: a black laquer Steinway grand (with a digital player/recorder attachment)

1. Denisse W.
2. Katie K.
3. Shelley V.
4. Lexy H.
5. Denise R.
6. Hannah B.
7. Danielle P.
8. Ashley H.

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