Monday, November 24, 2008

Relaxing in the Big City of Merkel, TX....

Weiss was posing for a millisecond.....
Looking up at ACU's "Jacob's Dream"
Mom, Dad and Weiss at ACU's "Jacob's Dream"

Sunday after church, Weiss and I (and Zoey dog) decided we would come out to my parents' house in Merkel, TX. (It's right outside of Abilene, TX---for those of you who don't already know!) We just are relaxing here and are leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) to get home in time to see Daddy (Logan) home from Austin. We'll see my parents again Thanksgiving, but I thought it would be nice to come home just to visit for a little bit. And yes, we've seen many familiar faces around town (including Abilene) since it is such a small world out here, which is so nice. Anyway, Weiss has had a good time playing with "antique" toys (my old Fisher-Price Little People) and my old Brio wooden train set. He gets all of the little pieces out and it looks like a tornado came through!!! But it's been fun. 
This morning, Mom and Dad took Weiss to take pictures at Abilene Christian University's "Jacob's Dream" sculpture. He was pretty fidgety, but there were some good pics in the bunch. It's a beautiful sculpture, telling the Bible story of Jacob climbing the ladder with angels into Heaven. It is absolutely beautiful, and I have wanted to see it for some time after seeing it in Texas Monthly, Logan's favorite. Pictures cannot truly do justice for the piece, you must go see it in person. If you are ever in the Abilene area and want to see it, the piece is only about two minutes off Interstate 20, just off the main circle drive to ACU's chapel on the hill. There were several families there when we were, also taking family pictures.

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