Monday, November 10, 2008

Weiss is in the Christmas spirit already!!!

One thing I have learned in my relatively short tenure as a mom is that you never know what your kid(s) will do......They definitely keep you on your toes!!! And not only that, but some of the things they do bring on side-stitching, gut-hurting laughter, better than the best ab workout!
My mom and I were on the phone this evening at 7:00, and I was putting up groceries from Wal-Mart while Weiss was supposedly watching VeggieTales. He sauntered into the kitchen, opened the pantry door, and got out a big shaker of assorted Christmas sprinkles to decorate cookies and cakes. The lid is so difficult for me to get off, I assumed he could just shake it like a maraca and that would be the end of it....
(And this is the cue where you Type A personalities or veterans are shaking your heads, "tsk-tsking" me....)
It got quiet all of a sudden, and I peeked my head around the corner in the kitchen. Our kitchen/dining area/family room are all open to each other, but Weiss has this funny little habit of getting under the area where he is out of my field of vision....
He had poured the contents of the Christmas sprinkles all over the carpet!!!! I told Mom I'd have to go..... I was laughing pretty hard, though. Weiss hightailed it out of the room; he knew he had committed a naughty act.... I got out the old Hoover, and began to vaccuum.
Thank goodness I got the sprinkles up before he had the chance to pour something liquid on them....Can you imagine? Red and green carpet?

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