Monday, November 10, 2008

Funny Little Things I'm Thankful For.....

I thought since this was the month of November, I would have some serious (and not so serious) posts listing things our family is thankful for. I'll begin with the not so serious ones, and I'll update you all with the sappier stuff later. PLEASE understand: these are those funny things our family can't live without, but we're thankful for. I promise I won't always be this petty.

1. iPhones and any Apple-related product
(Logan especially)

2. Dirt Devil Cone vaccuum
(I keep it by Weiss's high chair to clean up any messes)

3. Hoover FloorMate
(to mop, when those messes are bigger than the Cone vac can handle)

(since I can't have access to 4 Super Targets and 3 regular Targets less than
15 minutes from my house now...Yes, Marble Falls and other rural residents, there
really were that many in proximity to our casa in San Antonio...)

5. Horizon Organic Milk
(I'm being very specific, but not only is it organic and supporting Mom and Pop
farms, but it has a cute cow jumping over the earth, and Weiss gets excited when he
sees the carton. He asks now for "ilk" and lets you know if he wants chocolate
in it or not.)

6. Starbucks Coffee in Marble Falls with a drive-thru!!!
'Nuff said.

7. Anything "Elmo" related
(#7 is particularly important; it helps me to keep my sanity. Elmo is cute and
very tolerable for the adult genre. However, he is creating an obession in my
pure, innocent child.)

8. H-E-B Buddy apple snacks
(No, folks, these aren't your everyday apples. These are pre-washed, pre-sliced,
pre-packaged, and come with yummy cinnamon yogurt dip. My child loves them.)

9.,,, and blog sites.
(Although some people from your past may never keep up, update pictures or their
status, at least you can get in touch with them. It's so neat to see people's new
families, spouses, pets, et cetera, et cetera.)

(For my inner bookworm. I love being able to buy used books through here and
read the reviews of others. It also keeps track of books you've read, books/music you've purchased, books/music you want, and sends you a great list that really has great suggestions based on your purchases and preferences. You get the books fast; I got one in under 24 hours, but it wasn't free shipping---it was for class. However, free shipping is still fast. I could literally spend all day on this website, but that would constitute child neglect. Speaking of children, they have great children's books, too!!!)

(I love taking classes here, and I am soooo thankful I don't live in my grandparents'
generation and actually have to be sitting in a class 24/7 to get a master's or
Ph.D. Well, it's not quite that simple... I still have to be at the campus for three total
weeks, but I won't complain! That will be a nice little vacay....For those of you that
are wondering, I won't be doing all of those weeks in one chunk for Logan and
Weiss's sake---AND for all the grandparents keeping Weiss!)

12. Central Market Pumpkin Tortellini AND any other pumpkin-related food or coffee product
(Tortellini in the frozen section in H-E-B. Logan and Cinda boil it and then saute
it in butter in an iron skillet. HEAVENLY.....)


lexy said...

Yay for your new blog! I added you to my blog list! :)
See ya at 6am!

the Sharp's! said...

so cute! mine is i loved that you talked about the elmo obsession, luke carries around TWO Elmo dolls everywhere! ~robyn