Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun Day with Friends at the New Braunfels Children's Museum!

Today was a fun day! The Burns girls (Hannah, Sophia and Gabriella), Weiss and I went to the New Braunfels McKenna Children's Museum. If you live in the Austin/San Antonio area and have young children, you must take them; we had a great time! We ate lunch downtown on the square at a quaint little sandwich shop, had coffee and then took the kids to the museum. It was set up like a miniature "city," complete with a hospital, bank, house, grocery store, campground---you name it. The kids loved it! There was even a great covered area outdoors with a cool interactive water feature for kids.
Weiss and Sophia also loved painting. Weiss refused to wear his smock, so he went "redneck style:" without his shirt! He tripped over a chair leg when walking over to refill his brush with paint and fell right into my clean white shoe! Thank goodness he was okay and the shoe--I washed it and it is as good as new! It was a fun day for the kids. Thanks, Hannah, for the fun play date!

Weiss and I playing with the train...

My shoe after the paint incident....(Thank goodness I dressed in washable shoes today!)

Weiss---"Le Artiste"

Sophia loved the babies in the children museum's "hospital"

Weiss was doing his Thanksgiving shopping--complete with the turkey!

Weiss and Sophia "grocery shopping" together

Hannah and little Gabriella driving an ambulance

Weiss and Sophia during lunch....(I couldn't get their attention simultaneously!!!)

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