Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! (Okay.... the time I'm posting, it's just a few hours away...) Our family is postponing our celebration to Friday so everyone can be here.... It's both sides of our family, both mine and Logan's--all four generations, and there are a whopping total of EIGHT people! (Delbert, Dickey, Cinda, Mom, Dad, Logan, Weiss and I) Big, huh?
Anyway, Cinda is doing the majority of the cooking, which is always phenomenally good, and Logan his handling the turkey, which he has a knack at. He lets it brine for several days, and so it's always good. I'm glad it's not me cooking it...I'd be one of "those" calling the Butterball helpline. (And I think my family is also aware of that fact!) 
Mom is doing homemade rolls and one dessert, while I am doing cranberry salsa (courtesy of Cinda) and an appetizer. Tomorrow morning, Logan and I are running the 5 mile Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot in Austin to help alleviate the massive calories we will consume in the days ahead. (Um, he really doesn't have a problem about gaining weight, though....lucky him!) It should be fun. 
Anyway, we'll spend the rest of the week with family, which brings me to what I am thankful for. I am SOOO thankful for my family--all of 'em. After losing a family member this past year to an ongoing battle with cancer (my Memaw), it makes me also really thankful for my own health and the health of others in our family. On that note: Keep Logan's granddad, Delbert, in your prayers. He has some ongoing health issues that make it very hard on him, but I hope he'll have an enjoyable and memorable Thanksgiving with us, followed by a long nap on the couch while watching football.
I'm thankful for my God and the sacrifice He made for me. Although I can complain at times and see more bad than good, I am still so thankful for our country and the freedom we Christians still have to live out our faith and worship collectively with others. When it is time for Weiss to attend school, I am thankful Logan and I have a choice as to how we choose to raise and educate him. I'm thankful for my home and all my beautiful plants that remain beautiful so long as I water them (haha). And I am also thankful for my community; Marble Falls is a great place to live and I am really enjoying meeting and developing friendships with people. I am so blessed and so thankful for it.

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