Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Book I've Been Reading.....

As we are approaching Easter, I have been reading a book that fits this season of unconditional forgiveness and love. I didn't plan to read this book during this particular time, but God's timing is perfect. This book, "Dark Journey, Deep Grace" by Roy Ratcliff, may be seen by some as absurd, ridiculous, infuriating, or a vast array of many more emotional responses. Until you read the book, please don't prejudge it. And it's a quick, captivating read.

This book delves into the controversial topic of forgiveness. For those of you who are Christians, this should NOT be a hot-button topic. When one asks Christ into their lives, God provides anyone forgiveness anytime they ask with their heart. It's as simple as that. However, is this how the rest of the world sees it? Is repentance really that simple? How do some "professing" Christians see it? What about the legalism involved? Why is the topic of forgiveness so polarizing? Are there offenses out there that society deems "unforgiveable?" This book dives headfirst into these questions.

Roy Ratcliff, a co-author of this book, is now a full-time prison minister after his encounter in 1994 with the controversial individual within this book. He dares to ask the question: "If God forgives, can He forgive someone like Jeffrey Dahmer?"

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