Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Note on Running and "Seinfeld"...........

Okay. For those of you who get sick of my posts that talk about my running, stop...... reading..........


(Now that I've cleared the air, I'll continue on.....)

Two of my old time running buddies, Denise Rhodes and Lexy Hinson, are in faraway beautiful lands AS I TYPE. No, not in the same locale. Denise is doing the Lavaman Olympic Triathlon on the Big Island in Hawaii TODAY and Lexy is visiting her best friend, Beth on the beautiful Caribbean isle of St. Kitts. And since I know you guys are going to eventually be reading this blog, I AM EXTREMELY JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!!! The weather has been not so fun here recently, and they both skipped town.

Lucky friends, huh?

Anyway, another note on running..... Next weekend, Denise and I will participating in the ZOOMA Austin half marathon (13.1 miles). The ZOOMA is a woman's benefit run (5K or half) that is technically in Bastrop, Texas, at the beautiful Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. For those of you who aren't familiar with Bastrop, as you drive towards the town, it is flat. However, the first settlers planted many, many pine trees there (or so my husband tells me), and there are these HUGE trees rising from the middle of nowhere. Absolutely breathtaking. I am looking forward to it! The course is supposedly a "hilly" one....


Denise (a. k. a. "Mrs. Buff") is ready for the run (obviously). I am NOT!!!! For those of you who want to pray for me as I crawl across the finish line on Saturday morning, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT!!!! :) However I do it, I am going to get the super cool necklace ZOOMA gives to race finishers in lieu of a cheesy medal!!!

Logan and I have plans the night before to see Mr. Jerry Seinfeld himself in Austin. This will be Logan's second time to see one of his favorite icons. It is my first. I am excited. Although, I am a big fan of George Constanza on the "Seinfeld" show. We will stay the night, and then I will meet the group at the Austin Airport to carpool out to ZOOMA, or until I talk to Denise about further plans!

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