Monday, March 23, 2009

Elton and Billy!!!!!!

Saturday finally came: Elton and Billy's concert!!!! This is the second time I have seen them together--but the third time I have seen Elton (he played solo at Caesar's in Vegas). Logan and I left around lunch, planning to rendezvous in San Antonio with his parents and some of their friends, Troy and Linda Fraser, who also had tickets. We got Starbucks for lunch (I am addicted to their prosciutto and ricotta panini) and headed out of Marble Falls. We went by our "old house" first in San Antonio--which still hasn't sold--to check on it and move some things out of the garage (garden tools, etc.). We then went to Nordstrom Rack, which is their "outlet store" that just opened before Christmas at the Rim. If we lived in San Antonio, that was a 5 minute drive from our house, along with La Cantera and all of those other great stores, but I really guess it's a good thing we are further away from them....... We found some good stuff for Logan and I got some workout clothes.
We then headed to the Quarry to meet the other four at P. F. Chang's. I got a mojito (which I haven't had in AGES) and my usual, lemon scallops. (If you've never tried them, you SHOULD! They are really the best!) All six of us had a great dinner. Logan and I left our car at Chang's and piled into Troy's sedan because he gets priority parking as a Texas Senator. (That was nice because the concert was sold out and so parking was CRAZY!) We get to the AT&T center, pull right up to the doors, Troy flashes his car to the parking attendant, and Dickey hops out and moves the parking barricades. We are pretty much right by the entrance. I am amazed!
Logan had bought the tickets in November, and Troy and Linda were sitting in a box, Logan's parents had pretty decent tickets, and our tickets were good, but the worst of the six of ours. I assumed we were going to our seats. However, we all hopped on an elevator and it took us up to the Terrace Level, where all of the boxes are. I had obviously never been. 
We got up to the box, and it was a bevy of politicians and lobbyists for Time Warner. (With our group, there were probably 16 people or so up there.) The new Texas Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor were both up there, along with their wives. I just wanted to see the concert, however. And I did! Logan asked if I wanted anything to drink; I declined because I was scared to leave the box and go to the bathroom! (I thought they would look at our tickets like they do when you go back to the "normal" seats and kick me out!) Linda reassured me I had passed security and was okay! WHEW!!!! Anyway, it was very fun and they had an AWESOME dessert bar that would roll through every 30 minutes or so with HUGE cakes. I was really surprised for a large venue like that the cakes were so good and beautiful. (They were so pretty, I took pictures when I was away from the cart with my phone!) 
Elton and Billy played for about 4 hours; it was incredible! They encored to "Piano Man" and "Bennie and the Jets." Elton changed outfits during the break and the crowd was really getting into it, so Elton was actually smiling and making funny faces. (He's notorious for being a big diva and not flashing his smiles when he's not enjoying himself.) Billy was awesome and was cracking jokes. He also got a mike stand and was chunking it around, spinning it like a baton, just basically being a goofball. He was absolutely great! I was sad when the concert was over, because those two are in my "top" favorite artists, along with ABBA and the Beatles. I am already for them to have another concert series again! It was AWESOME!!!

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